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What Women Want from a One Night Stand

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I like to think I know more than a little about one night stands. When I’ve talked to my girlfriends, some of them say they’ve never had a one nighter. I, on the other hand, have had many at different times in my life. They serve a purpose… when all goes well.

Here’s what women want from a one-night-only hookup with men they’ve met on a dating site, or anywhere else.

She wants to get laid. This is the straight-up answer that we all know is true. And you want it to, for your own reasons, or maybe just because you’re horny—no shame in that. This doesn’t mean though that she’s going to show up to your place and take her clothes off. Plan a date, have some drinks and flirty conversation without expectations in the air.

She wants uninhibited sex. A lot of women sometimes find it easier to have raunchy dirty sex with someone they don’t know intimately. There’s a sense of freedom, knowing we won’t see you again, that allows us to explore some kink or even BDSM fantasies. Of course, some women do need that trust, but not all.

She wants sexual release. Life is stressful, and having an orgasm can release a lot of built up frustration, disappointment, anger, and other bottled emotions. Maybe she’s been single for a while, by choice or not, and just wants to get her rocks off. Masturbation works too, but you know as well as we do, it’s not as good as the real thing.

She wants comfort and attention. She may be a stone-cold lover, just wanting her fix, but she may also come into it with a need for affection, something that might be lacking in her everyday life. And if a woman you’ve just met takes her clothes off and fucks you, don’t just turn her out when all is said and done. That’s a loser move that she may not be shy about sharing online, or with her girlfriends.

She wants discretion. A lot of women who seek casual sex look for it online because they just don’t want the fuss and muss that comes with sleeping with someone they kinda know, through their circle of friends, work, or social network. One and done—that’s all she wants. Being discreet about your casual hookups and flings is important to keep your dating reputation intact, especially if you want more than one one-night stand!

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