What She Wants to Hear You Say in Bed

Talking dirty can feel like an intimidating task. What if you say the wrong thing and kill the mood? What if she thinks you’re a freak? The more you know someone, the more chances you can take—you can be freaks together.

When you’re meeting someone for a one-time hookup, it’s always best to keep the dirty on a neutral plane. Here are a few things that lots of women like to hear in bed, just keep in mind that dirty talk is only sexy when it’s genuine. Think of this is a guide, but only say what feels true to you in the moment.

You’re So Sexy

Women love to hear this. It makes us feel desired. Sometimes it’s hard for us to stay in the moment because we think about our appearance, even while we’re having sex! Your partner might worry that her boobs are flopping around too much, or that you can see her double chin when she’s on top.

Even women who you consider to be completely gorgeous, sometimes feel insecure about their looks. Telling your partner she’s sexy will help her to relax and enjoy the ride. She might even cum harder, because she’s not anxious or distracted by her own inner critic.

You Feel So Good

Guys, I know that many of you tend to stay quiet in bed, but it’s super sexy when you don’t, so go ahead and make some noise! Tell your girlfriend how tight and wet she is, and how much your cock has been aching to be inside her. If this feels too contrived, keep your commentary on the general side, just be sure to express how much you’re enjoying yourself.

I once had a partner who made more noise as me in bed, and it drove me wild. Let her know that you’re having a good time! Women wonder about that sometimes.

I Was Thinking about This All Day

Tell your partner that you fantasize about her when she’s not around. Not only will it boost her ego, it might even make her want to give you something hotter to think about for next time.

Don’t worry that telling her she’s on your mind will lead her to expect more than your NSA hookup. If you make it clear that you were thinking of nailing her all day (versus thinking about what she’s been up to, or about how she’s feeling) there should be no confusion. Just be sure to keep it all about the sex.

I Want to _____________

I’ve mentioned this before in other posts, but I’m mentioning it again because it’s such a simple and effective way to talk dirty. Give your partner a little taste of what’s to come by describing in matter-of-fact detail, just what you plan to do to her. It can be something as simple as, “I’m going to stick my hard cock into your hot wet pussy.”

That’s kind of an uninspired example, but I think my brain got scrambled by thinking of all the massive orgasms I’ve had as a result my boyfriend’s sexy play-by-plays. Just say what feels right to you in the moment, and before you know it you’ll be a world class dirty talker.

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