What Her Body Language Says about Your Chances of Getting Laid

Do you consider yourself a moron when it comes to deciphering the intentions of women? Do you sometimes misread things and end up feeling embarrassed or rejected as a result?

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It’s an issue that lots of guys share, which is why I’m pleased to offer you a few basic descriptions of female dating-related body language. This should help you to recognize when things are going very well, or (in the unfortunate case) very, very poorly. Just keep your eyes open for the following clues.

Signs Things are Going Well

1. She Leans in Close

Unless you’re in a noisy environment and are simply struggling to hear one another, leaning in close is a good indication that your date is into you. It makes sense, right? She’s probably attracted to you and can’t help but snuggle up a bit.

2. She Touches Her Hair

This is a classic sign that she’s flirting with you. When a woman touches her hair in a playful way, it usually means she’s feeling sexy and wants you to notice how lovely she is. Scratching doesn’t count, nor does nervous fidgeting. Is she smiling and relaxed as she does it? If so, she’s probably into you.  

3. She Touches Your Arm

This is often the first thing that women do when they want to get close during a date. It’s a way to communicate attraction and to test the waters a little. Will you flinch and pull your arm away, or do you like it when she touches you? This is valuable information for her to gather.

Signs Things are Going Poorly

1. She Tenses Up

Did you touch her on the arm or back, only to feel her tense up guardedly? That’s not a good sign. If she tenses initially but soon relaxes and seems happy, it might be that she’s just a little nervous. Always be sure to let go if she doesn’t relax in a few seconds. She probably doesn’t want your hands on her.

2. She Fidgets

While fidgeting could be a sign of nerves, it could also be the result of boredom or discomfort. Is she fidgeting with her napkin but still looking you in the eye and engaging fully in the conversation? If so, she’s probably just nervous. If, on the other hand, she’s constantly checking her phone or seems preoccupied as she squirms in her seat, don’t expect a second date.

3. She Avoids Eye Contact

Looking away from you as she blushes, or giving you coy glances every once in a while is not the same thing as uncomfortably avoiding your gaze. Check the look on her face. Does she seem miserable or disgusted as she looks down or at the door? If so, I hate to say it, but she thinks you’re gross. Best cut your losses and move on.

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