5 Ways to Ruin a First Date

Some dating experts claim that a woman will know (consciously or not) within five minutes of meeting a man if she will have sex with him. That may seem a little far fetched to some, but she is definitely going to decide by the end of a first date if she wants to see you again, and if she wants to hook up. That’s why a first impression is so important. I’ve written quite a few articles about first date tips, but I still feel the need because I experience the same mistakes being made by men. Avoid these behaviors on a first date to ensure a woman will want to see you again.

5 First Date No-No’s

1. Exhibiting poor hygiene. You’d think this wouldn’t be something a man needs to be reminded of, but sadly it is. This can include anything from wearing clothes with stains, bad b.o. or breath, and not showering before a date (sweaty ball sacs don’t get sucked, sorry.)

2. Showing up late. This is a serious pet peeve for a lot women. For one, she thinks you don’t value her time or her, and two, it starts the date on a bad note that she may not shake, even after you apologize profusely.

3. Being cheap. Most women will really appreciate it if you pick up the tab, especially if it’s your first time meeting. Splitting a bill is fine, too, just don’t sit there working out what you both owe down to the dime.

4. Expressing a lack of confidence. You may be anxious (don’t worry, we all are on a first date) but you don’t need to verbalize it. Confidence is extremely appealing to women, and you can show it in a variety of ways – planning the date, flirting and complimenting, and using your sense of humor to make her laugh.

5. Playing on your phone all night. Checking your cell for emails and messages, or googling to answer every question that pops in your head gets irritating fast. Most of us are guilty of this when we’re alone, but if you’re out with someone, they should feel that they’re your focus. Check things out when you or they go to the washroom if you must, but not when you’re together. 

How to Handle First Date Rejections

What ruins a first date for you?

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