Tips to Talk Dirty to Her

You might be surprised to hear that women love dirty talk and, that it’s one of the best ways to get them wet and horny and desperate for sex with you. That’s because a lot of guys have tried talking dirty, but with disastrous results.

It takes a little practice to get it right, but then you have the golden key to driving her wild.

Remember, you are not in a porn video.

You’re with a real woman, not an actress. Don’t blurt out rehearsed stuff from porn. What if she started hollering, “Oh, fuck me, your dick is so huge!” or “Come on my face, I love it!” in that bored porn actress voice?

Don’t take your cues from porn theater but from her body and your feelings and desire.

Keep it personal and specific, not generic.

Don’t talk about being so horny that any girl’s ass will do.

We’re not stupid, and we know that you want sex and find lots of women hot. But if there’s not a specific spark unique to me, I won’t get aroused. If you’re lucky I might go through the motions, but you want to get lucky by making me wet and horny for real.

No need to overthink it—just pay attention to who she is. Are her breasts teeny tiny or do they have big broad nipples? Is she full figured or extra lean? Is she a redhead or sporting a blonde pixie cut?

Talk to and about HER unique attributes.

Describe your desire.

Her effect on you is central to her arousal. When a woman sees how helpless a man is around her body, she can’t help but get horny. One way to show her is to tell her what she does to you.

Tease and build her arousal.

Ease your way in with sensual words and gestures, to get her primed for the more intense and filthy delights ahead.

Don’t drop any bombs out of the blue. You’ve got to build up to the graphic stuff. If the first sext you send or the first phrase you utter is “I want to spread that asshole open and eat it,” you won’t get far!

Anticipation is key.

Focus on trust, attention, devotion, and emotion.

Women’s desire is liberated by a secure bond.

This was the key in Fifty Shades of Grey—many thought the key was domination, control, or kink. The woman was liberated to explore those things in the security of the attention and devotion and emotional connection.

This is also the answer to why some women are so turned on by or in love with men who are bad for them—if they give her the attention and affection she needs, it’s hard to turn him away for a nice guy who seems indifferent.

The emotional bond may be for tonight only or for the long haul, but either way, it’s the key factor to great sex with a woman. Being distracted with who else is texting will turn her off, and it’s not because she’s jealous.

Pay attention to the one you’re with. Notice things. Dirty talk starts way before the dirty words with “I can’t get your perfume out of my mind,” or “I brought you these yellow roses. I noticed your car and mobile and jacket are yellow and thought it might be your favorite color.”

Soon she’ll be talking a blue streak in ways that will make your jaw drop.

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