How to Make Her Wet and Ready for Sex

One moment I’ll always remember in my early experiences was being taken aback by how turned on my lover was when he found my pussy super wet.

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As hormonal havoc sprung out of nowhere, insistent on turning a tomboy into a woman, I was sometimes mortified by how much lubrication soaked my panties.

I recall getting up to go to the bathroom during our makeout session and actually trying to dry off a little bit. I knew our petting was going to go further than it had, and I was embarrassed by this excessive slipperiness.

As his hand made it’s way under my waistband for the first time, I could hardly concentrate out of the humiliation over a flood I couldn’t control.

That’s when his fingers stopped, just for a second, and the world stopped too as I felt his under-the-jeans cock go from hard to a baseball bat against my hip.

I’ll never forget the way he caught his breath, how he was almost crying when he said, “Oh, my God, you’re soooooooooo wet.” I almost came straight away as he slid his finger up inside me.

Knowing how powerfully my body’s signals of arousal turn you on, I wish it was always like that. But sometimes when I want you most, I’m dry as a bone.

Guys, this is especially true for hookups. I can be horny as hell, but sometimes with a new person my body betrays my true desire. Nerves, a new environment, and the unknown can mean my biological signals mismatch what I want.

Here’s what you should know, and what you can do.

1. Understand Female Biology

We know that you want the reassurance and the ego hit that naturally occurs when our body signals how hot it is for you. But it doesn’t mean we’re not hot if nature doesn’t show these signs!

There are many things that can make us drier than we want to be. Medication, hormone fluctuations, illness, alcohol and drugs, nervousness, guilt, diet, the list goes on.

2. Have a Variety of Lubes 

Make her comfortable by being prepared for anything. And don’t make using lube feel like “medicine.” That’s a buzzkill.

A girl who’s just there for the night might not want to use a jar of lube when she has no clue whose fingers have been inside. Keep things safe from bacteria and germs by getting a fun supply of samplers. That way she can enjoy choosing a flavor or consistency or a warming kind.

3. Build Her Anticipation

There’s a reason sexting is so popular—thinking about your next hookup builds anticipation.

If I barely know you, forget about being vulgar. Sexy reminders that allude to steamy moments ahead are way better. Don’t send a shot of you spreading your hairy ass cheeks, for example. “I can’t stop thinking about what I’m going to do to you” is much better for starters. Go a little further when she texts back, “Tell me.”

4. Extend the Foreplay

Of course, you don’t always know you’ll be having sex, whether it’s a hookup or a long-term partner. So if you end up making plans or find yourself getting lucky, remember, don’t just stick it in! Get her ready first.

A woman’s body works different from a man’s body, period. Even when I masturbate, if I penetrate myself with a dildo or object, I need to warm up with some racy thoughts and caresses. So spend a few moments or longer kissing, teasing, and rubbing.

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