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Tips for Sex Standing Up

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Experimenting with different sex positions keeps things interesting in a relationship. From doggie to 69, there are many positions that offer their own unique sensations. Sex while standing up can be challenging, requiring coordination, strength, and balance. It’s certainly not for everyone, but if you’re feeling adventurous, it’s worth a shot. It’s often the go-to position for on-the-spot quickes, whether you’re engaging in public sex or you just can’t wait to get to the bedroom.

Tips for Sex Standing Up

Get the height right. This position works best for couples who are of similar height. If one of you is shorter, use a stool so that you are eye-to eye more or less.

Make your way in. The man will need to bend his knees before going in, and if the woman can lean back slightly, there will be more pressure against her clit while thrusting – always a good thing!

Use strength and flexibility. These help if you want to explore the position further. The woman can lift one leg to wrap around his hip, or the man can hold her under the butt and have both legs around his middle.

Try other variations. You don’t have to be facing one another. She can stand and bend over with her hands on a chair or the floor. This position provides a deep entry, much like doggie style and works well if you want to incorporate role playing or spanking.

Do it anywhere. This position is great for small spaces such as washrooms or closets, thus a great way to get it on when you’re out and about… think quickie with a stranger! The shower or bath is another great place to indulge.

This position makes a woman feel extremely desirable and irresistible… something that will have her coming back for more!

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