Sex Positions Women Love

We all have our fave sex position, but this changes too, depending on our energy, mood, and the surrounding environment. Here are positions women love and I’ll tell you why. Enjoy!

On Top
Most women love the feeling of control this position gives them. This can be done many ways, the reverse missionary – you on your back with her straddling you, or for a twist, you can sit on the couch for a lap dance experience that goes all the way. In this scenario she has the added benefit of holding the back of the couch for extra leverage.

Mainstream Missionary
You might be thinking this is too ordinary, but it’s the classic sex position for two reasons. She may want the comfort of lying on her back, and she may be a woman who likes her man in a dominant position. If it sounds too boring for you adventurous types, get creative – add a little bondage or talk dirty.

Backwards Grip
A women lies on her stomach, and once you’ve slid it in, she crosses her ankles. She’ll be able to feel your full length inside her and the grip she has on you will feel amazing. Have her hold the end of the bed for maximum rhythm.

Ankles Up
This can be done on a bed, but I suggest a countertop, table, or the hood of your car! Anything that offers the right height for you to stand comfortably. Once she’s on her back, have her raise her legs to wrap her ankles around your neck. Hold her hips and ass while at it. This position offers a sexy view for both partners.

Half On-Half Off
Start in missionary and once things get going, slide her back and off the bed so that her head and arms are dangling off the edge. You’ll like the  way her back is arched, and the blood rushing to her head will give an enhanced erotic tingling to her experience.

This isn’t just for sleeping, it’s also a cozy intimate position for sex. A woman loves the feel of a man’s chest against her back and your arms around her. With easy access to her breasts and clit you’ll be able to please her in many ways. Wrap her upper leg around your thigh to increase your access and mobility.

Woof Woof
Men often think they have to talk a woman into doggie-style, but trust me, we like this position as much, if not more than men. It feels a little dirty and risqué which increases the pleasure factor. Get her on all fours, and when things get going, pull her up and back against your chest. She can hold herself up with her hands around your neck while you guide her hips and ass up and down. Hot!

Guys: Any unusual positions you want to share?

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