The First 10 Things I Look For In Your Dating Profile Picture

The first thing I notice on dating profiles is your face. Dating profiles are often set up so the first thing you see is the potential date’s main profile photo. In a time where Tinder is taking over, you need to make an instant impression to make sure you don’t get “swiped left” instantly.

So here’s a few tips on what not to have as your profile photo:

1. The Egg
The most important part of creating a dating profile – actually putting an image up. No one will even look at you if you’re just an egg or a grey cartoon image.

2. A Group Photograph
I don’t want to spend my time trying to guess which one you are. I will only be gutted when you aren’t the cute guy on the left. Can I get your friends number?

3. A Messy Background
Maybe this is just me, but if your bedroom is a complete mess in the back of your profile image then I won’t want to end up back at your place after a first date. Also, bathroom photos are such a big no-no! Your pad should be hookup friendly.

4. Can I See You?
It’s great that you climbed Mount Everest…  but that little speck on the mountain? Are you sure that’s not just a tree?

5. Sunglasses, Hats and Accessories
Is there actually a person under all that? Are you hiding from the CIA? I would like to see your face please and also be sure to keep your eyes open. Who knows, I could be day dreaming about gazing into them.

6. Don’t Just Crop Your Ex Out
Make sure your profile image is only you. That hand around your waist and arm in the photo is not cool.

7. Don’t Be Hammered
Want to show that you know how to have a great time? That’s good, but perhaps not the image of you throwing up in the street with underwear on your head.

8. Don’t Photoshop
It’s simple, we will notice. Photoshop isn’t as easy as you would think. You may look perfect, but the room behind you has wavy lines.

9. No Duckface
Yes it may be funny when you’re out with your friends, but seriously, it’s just not that attractive.

10. Say No To The Selfie
If possible, try and get a friend to take a photo of you. It’s always much more flattering than having the reflection of your camera taking up most of the image.

Now go and strike a pose… no, not like that… Yes, like THAT!

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What are your profile picture turn-ons and turn-offs?

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