First Online Message Tips

Are you sending out a ton of messages to online hotties? No responses – what!?! You can’t understand why a woman doesn’t want to experience all you have to offer. Take it from a girl who’s been around the online block – that first message is all or nothing, baby. If you don’t put a little effort in, there won’t be a hot and heavy hookup. Here are tips that will help you catch the attention of women and have her wanting more. Read and learn, guys…

You have taken time writing a great profile of yourself, so why rush things now. Okay, okay, I understand, you’re libido is raging and you need to get laid, like yesterday. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure about messaging a beautiful woman, don’t stress. The worst thing that will happen is she’ll email she’s not interested or not respond at all. No biggie, there a plenty of willing attractive women out there.

You may just see a picture that starts you drooling, but before sending an email, take the time to read her entire profile. This is where you’ll find what you need when constructing that all important first message. Women that know you’ve put a little effort in will reward  you with instant bonus points.

Let me clarify. No messages of the, “How was your day, flower?” variety. You simply want to introduce yourself (no life stories) and make a connection between you and her (a shared interest). I’m a sucker for humour and quirkiness.

Avoid clichéd pick-up lines, romantic poems, and quotes from horror movies. I can’t believe guys think these work, but I still get them and send them straight to the trash bin. Confidence and realness are what women will respond to, not a guy resorting to things he’s seen in a rom com.

Don’t worry about impressing a woman with the first message. That comes later. Your goal is to grab her attention. Ask a question or two that is specific to what you’ve read in her profile. You may just be looking for sex, but every woman needs a little respect on the way there. If she sees you’re not just another doucebag she’ll go straight to your profile – mission accomplished.

No inflated obvious egos, just a little I know who I am and I know what I want swagger. This is even possible for you shy guys. You can fake it without the clammy hands, flushed face-to-face interactions. And if things don’t get that far, there’s no awkward getaway scenes.

Follow her Lead
If she asks you questions, answer, and ask her a couple more. Not all women want to hookup the next day, but ya, some of us do;) Be patient, but don’t waste your time. Drop more than one line and see what bites.

How do you grab a woman’s attention in a first message?

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