How to Make a Woman Notice Your Dating Profile

There are two things at risk here: your profile is too “insignificant” to be noticed, or possibly worse, you’ve filled it with junk that’ll turn the ladies off.

It’s always harder deciding what to include. The funny-as-Jim Carreys and hot-as-Brad Pitts and rich-as-Richard Bransons can simply rely on what they do best to get a woman’s e-attention in the time it takes to scroll through profiles. The rest of us have to work a bit harder.

An interesting cover pic. Interesting is the key word. It doesn’t have to be sexy or National Geographic-quality. It can be a simple snapshot—but it should tell a story. And preferably be important to you. It’s also a great way to get the initial e-chat rolling. (And I strongly advise against using pics of your cat as your main profile pic. And I say that as a cat owner, cat lover, and all-round catguy. But seriously, don’t marry your cat to your profile—you’ll scare folks away. Adding them within the profile is just fine.)

Keep it sparse. It’s not the place to post paragraph after paragraph in what you think is magnificent prose, of what you like/don’t like in a woman. It’ll likely be skimmed or appear so daunting no one will bother. If you want to impress her with your writing skills, focus more on ensuring there are no typos, spelling mistakes, or shitty grammar. I’m sorry to tell you, but yes: women notice these things.

Ix-nay on the cock-pics-cay. If you’re e-chatting some woman, and she asks to see a cockpic, well, fire away. But don’t have them openly posted in your profile. Most women I know just aren’t into cockpics at that point in the game, and you should know that many times I’ve witnessed women laughing at the profiles that include cockpics. Thought I should mention that…

Likes go farther than dislikes. To state what you’re looking for in a woman doesn’t guarantee they’ll come running; but listing all the things you don’t like in a woman will certainly have them running away. You’ll risk coming across as unapproachable, and quite probably, offensive. Instead include what attracts you to a woman. There’s something confident about being specific and clear and honest, and you’ll have a better chance of getting the attention of women best-suited to your profile.

I can’t tell you there’s a list of things to include in your profile that will make every woman tremble, sorry. We’re all different people, looking for different things. And we’re at the mercy of our fellow e-daters’ moods at any given time. We can only be who we are, and present ourselves that way. Don’t worry, it’s a big interwebs: there’s someone out there for everyone.

Just remember what I said about the cats.

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