How Long to Wait to Meet an Online Hookup

For me, online dating is a two, sometimes three step process. First there’s the searching, browsing through profiles takes a while (I’m not one of those girls content to only respond to guys that leave messages first.) I like to take a little control of my hookups. The second part is the online flirting that happens after I’ve made initial contact. And lastly, the most exciting part by far is the first time meetup, hoping  it leads to some sweet sex. I’m not against the possibility of something more serious, but regular sexual satisfaction is what I crave, and I do like variety.

I’m a little impatient when it comes to parts 1 and 2. A lot of men ask me how long I talk online before I’m willing to meet in person. So here’s my advice on the subject to all you men who want the same thing as I do.

When you see a profile you like online don’t hesitate to reach out first because if you don’t, you may see that girl go missing,  snatched up by some other lucky man. You have nothing to lose with that first connection. You’re only testing the water to see if you should go further in. Mention something you like in her profile or even how she looks (watch the creep factor).

Waiting for a response that may or may not come sucks for everybody so don’t be afraid to message several girls at once. But make sure each one feels like she’s the only one. Practice makes perfect.

Once you get a hit on that first message and she doesn’t sound like a whackjob then respond quickly. Now’s the time to mention you’d like to meet her in person. Suggest something creative. Check out my post: 7 Places to Meet Up for ideas that will grab her attention.

Waiting longer than a week to meet someone after having a couple back and forth emails is in danger of ‘penpal’ status. She may likely be playing the field as well so being direct is important. If you want to meet her, tell her, but don’t wait around mooning for a girl you’ve never met, even if she’s hot. There are plenty more where she came from.

Waiting too long to meet that girl . . . makes things awkward. You will have built up expectations that most certainly can’t be met. The reality almost never lives up to the fantasy one naturally builds about a possible hookup that goes on and on online. You’ll feel like an idiot for wasting so much time, especially if you don’t get laid. Been there, done that. Didn’t like it.

Hope this push for bravery and brevity helps you on your quest for sweet satisfaction.

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