Make a Great First Impression with the Right Dating Profile Picture

If you have a profile pic in your dating profile, you can sure-as-shit bet it’s the first impression you’re going to make.

Looks to me that most pics are doing nothing more than trying to capture someone’s gorgeousness. Not a bad start—if you’re gorgeous. But why not post a pic that captures character and spirit? And never underestimate the power of an interesting pic.

Put some thought into what you want people to see first. Consider the following pic options and their possible effects on your potential hookup:

No time for glamour, but it can sure tell a story. Post pics of you in places you’ve been, doin’ stuff, silliness, all captured by others. They’re eye-catchers, honest and fun. Both your inner and outer gorgeousness will come across all on its own, without you having to “pose”, so don’t worry about it. I like these ones best.

Studio Portraits
Vain and misrepresentative—that’s what comes to mind when I see a studio pic used in a profile. I usually suspect that that person spends an awful lot of time in front of the mirror. And quite frankly, I find portraits a little weird, and expect to subsequently see them in a joke calendar. The only good thing I have to say is this: at least they’re high-resolution… or is that Photoshop, I wonder…?

The Selfie
Meh. I think it’s safe to say we’ve reached such a point of selfie-ness whereby I can no longer see one without being completely aware of the lengths to which the subject went in order to get the “perfect” pic of themselves—as in, like, 50 tries. Why not just get a studio pic done, is what I say. Here’s the thing: A) Selfies have the vanity of a studio shot, but without the quality, and B) They have the quality of a snapshot, but lack character-catching authenticity. Basically, I see vain people with poor camera skills. And I can’t help imagine arms extending far enough to make it not look like a selfie.

The Selfie Snapshot
This kind of selfie is awesome. It’s effective because it disregards gorgeousness and captures a quick moment, without prep, without glamour, but filled with event. You’re in an interesting situation, maybe meeting someone famous, whatever, and there’s no one around to snap the pic. So you do it yourself, like Ellen Degeneres’s Oscar selfie. How can this not catch someone’s attention?

Anyone can spend forever making themselves look beautiful for just one pic (and they do, they do!). The irony is it’s one of the easiest ways of being overlooked. Beauty shots are a dime a dozen.

Why not try being interesting instead?

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