8 Tips for Choosing Online Dating Profile Pictures

Do you know what photos attract women and what don’t? A good photo can make a woman instant message you while a bad photo may have her clicking to the next guy.

You may think the written part of your profile is the most challenging and while it may be harder to create than uploading a few photos, it’s secondary to what catches a woman’s eye. Women check out photos before they read your description. If the pictures turn her off (for whatever reason) she won’t bother to read all the great things you have to offer.

These tips will help boost your incoming messages and chances of casual encounters. You may not agree with all of these suggestions, but I think you’ll recognize a mistake or two.

1. Always Use a Photo. This sounds elementary, right? But I’ve received many a message without a single photo to look at. Guess what? Women don’t click on these.

2. Use More than One Picture. You look different from photo to photo. Post at least four or five that show different sides of your personality.

3. Close-ups, Please. By using only distant shots, it looks like you have something to hide or that you’re insecure. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Don’t be shy.

4. Use Current Photos. You may have put on twenty pounds in the last six months, so don’t misrepresent yourself with old pictures. Be confident in where you are right now. Honesty attracts women.

5. Keep Your Clothes On. Bathroom pics with guys in their underwear – yuck! Avoid sexual poses too – flirty is okay. Women can see if you’re in shape without you looking conceited.

6. Variety. Six photos of a guy in six different countries makes him look like a braggart – “I’m so worldly.” And don’t use multiple pictures of you in Halloween costumes or all physical activity shots. Show the whole of you, not just one part.

7. Use Solo Shots. Don’t use pictures that include someone of the opposite sex, even if she is just a friend. It’s tacky and it will diminish your message count. Women assume you’re available and they don’t want to wonder if the woman in the photo is an ex.

8. Animals Attract. Most women love animals, so if you have a pet, include a picture of you and your furry friend. No pets? Use that photo of you horseback riding or petting a zebra.

For more tips on choosing better pics check out: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/02/17/online-dating-profile-pic_n_465227.html?slidenumber=o%2FS7brCopBw%3D&slideshow

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