Turn Your Place into Hookup Heaven

Have you ever brought a beautiful girl home for a hot hookup (or at least that’s what you thought was going to happen) only to have her leave before things got started. Well… I’ve been that girl, more than once. And the problem wasn’t that the guy smelled bad or tried something weird – it was the state of his apartment that turned me off.

I don’t care if you’re young and don’t have a lot of money, or even if you have a roomie, please don’t live in squalor and expect a woman to want to get down and dirty in dirt.

If you’re out there in hookup land, bringin’ home the ladies regularly or tryin’ to, your chances of hitting a home run go way up when you live in a female friendly environment. You don’t need hand towels with roses on them, but you do need a few basics in place.

Tidy and Clean
Wet towels on the bathroom floor -no! Plates of half-eaten food on the table – no! Overflowing ashtrays – no! Women don’t expect perfection, we just want to see that you’ve enough self-respect to care about your living environment. Take out your garbage, wipe the counters, and make sure your bathroom is not covered in hair. Don’t wait until you’ve just brought a date home to do this either. If you know you’re going to meet up with a woman you met online, spend an hour or so (it may take some of you the entire day) to get your place in order. Hot no-strings-sex is worth it.

Atmosphere and Lighting
Think romance, even if it’s all about sex. A woman can be seduced by environment as much as charm. Keep the lighting low and subtle. If all you’ve got is a bright ceiling light, invest in a dimmer switch or small lamps that throw unique lighting and create shadows on the walls. Warm coloured light bulbs (reds, yellows, oranges) are another way to create a sensual atmosphere. Having mood music on hand is a bonus. Even if you’re a death metal kind of guy, you should still have Marvin Gaye to woo the ladies. Ask a female friend to help you make a playlist if you’re stumped.

Comfortable and Cozy
You want a woman to feel at home in your cave enough to want to take her clothes off and play. Is your couch comfortable? How about your bed? Maybe you need some extra pillows, or maybe it’s time to throw out that rock-hard futon you’ve had since college. A good bed is always a great investment. Plants are also a nice touch, just be sure to keep them healthy, nothing is sadder than seeing dying plants in a guy’s apartment.

Keeping your place in hookup heaven shape will not only impress the ladies and make them comfortable, it will also make you feel better about yourself. You’ll feel confident before you go out to meet that online beauty, not worrying what she’ll think of your place – or praying she’ll ask you back to hers.

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What did I miss? Would you call your pad hookup heaven?

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