Write A Profile That Gets The Girl

Profiles matter. It’s the first impression. As an online dater at a hookup site, you know how depressing it can get looking through profiles and seeing the same thing over and over. You can stand out from the crowd without being a weirdo. You may be wondering why you aren’t getting as much interest as your buddies. Well, it might be time to revise that tired profile. Here’s some thoughts and ideas to keep in mind:

Keep It Real

It’s tempting to stretch the truth in a favorable way – a photo or age entry that is a few years younger, a slightly higher salary, or changing your info to match a hottie you’ve already scoped out. Not cool. There may be no fallout from being dishonest, but you will attract the wrong chemistry. If it`s just sex you want, don`t be afraid to say it. There are plenty of women who want it too, with no strings attached.

Friends Know

Did you write your profile all alone after a few beers? Not the best. Get a friend to sit down with you and help point out some of your great qualities. A female friend will have the right perspective. Confidence in your qualities is attractive (don’t overdo it). Listing things you like is standard and a little boring. Instead of just saying you like sports, explain what you like to play or watch. Always expand and don’t be afraid to be a little quirky.

Show, Don’t Tell

Let your personality shine through in your description. I hate reading things like “I have a good sense of humour”. I want to notice this through his likes or description or his photo (is he dressed up in a silly Halloween costume?) Be specific. Instead of saying you like movies, name your favorite directors, actors, etc.

Be Passionate

Not in that cheesy romantic way, but by writing about your passions, be it food, travelling, toy collecting or something else. Again, don`t be shy about sharing your idiosyncrasies. Finding a man with different interests (away from the pack) is what a woman is looking for.

No profile is written in stone. Update, revise, rewrite if you’re not finding what you’re looking for.

What profile writing tips can you share?

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