How to Read Between the Lines of Online Dating Profiles

If you’ve been online dating for years like myself, or even if you’ve had more than a few first dates, you’ll know what I mean when I say who you meet in person isn’t always who you imagined.

When you’re just a tadpole starting out in the online dating pool this can be a bit of a surprise and also a turn off. But not to worry, it does get easier to read between the lines in profiles to find what you want, whether that’s a one night stand , a friend with benefits, or something more serious.

 Tips that will help you find what you’re looking for

  1. “Passionate, adventurous, and fun loving” are often words a person uses when they just want a casual sex relationship.
  2. Stating very specific qualities they want in a person indicates they are picky and possibly very demanding of their partners.
  3. Listing what they “don’t want” in a match usually means they’re still recovering from a relationship where their mate had these qualities.
  4. People who write a lot in their profile about their career or how busy their lives are probably don’t want or have time for a serious relationship.
  5. Well written, complete and thoughtful profiles often come from potentials that are sincere about meeting and starting a real relationship.
  6. Profiles that don’t include close-up or clear photos may indicate someone who is insecure about their looks.
  7. When a person states their income (usually high) it often means they’re doing it to impress you and lack confidence in other areas of their life.
  8. Short, uncreative profiles generally come from daters looking for hookups (they may be relying on good looks alone to attract attention.)

These (not all bad) signs are from my personal dating experience and are not hard and fast rules but merely things to watch for.

What red-flags or bonus signs do you look for in dating profiles?

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