5 Online Dating Myths

Online dating still has a stigma and certain myths perpetuate this. Mostly, I think these are circulated by those who have little to no experience with online dating. I’ll admit, before I joined sites, I used to think some of these myths were true. I’m going to give you the facts and tell you why you should ignore the rumours.

1. Online Dating is for Relationship Rejects
By this, I mean people that have trouble sustaining meaningful relationships and who are seen as the reason previous unions fail. If we all believed this, we’d never want to meet other “rejects”. Everyone struggles with relationships, even those in long-terms. People join sites because their dating pool is small or they don’t have opportunities to meet new people.

2. There Are No Hotties
Wrong! Once you spend enough time browsing, you’ll discover there are lots of good looking singles that are looking for the same thing as you. Remember too, a lot of people are not photogenic. As long as someone isn’t a total dog, you should meet if her profile is awesome. Chemisty is more than model looks and you can only feel it in person.

3. Too Expensive
Most sites are free! Adult sites may have membership fees, but usually offer trial sessions at no charge. When you go to a bar or club, hoping to meet a girl, you end up spending a lot – drinks, cabs, cover, etc. You actually save money by online dating, and you have the convenience of browsing at home to find the right woman.

4. It’s Dangerous
Men might not have the same fears as women, but as a female, I don’t feel vulnerable or unsafe. The situation is in my hands, and I approach every new relationship cautiously. Don’t give out personal information (phone number, address, work location) until after you meet someone. Googling a potential date is also a good way to get to know more about someone and discover any red flags.

 5. People Lie
People lie in person just as much, often to impress a potential love interest. I don’t see the point – if you like someone and want to go out, this person will eventually find things out, no? (Maybe this matters less for casual encounters.) Take what people say in their profile as truth and if you find out it’s a lie later on, call them out.

A lot of these myths apply to old-school dating as well. I don’t think one is necessarily better than the other, but I prefer online. It’s easier, more convenient, and for me, more successful.

Men: What do you think is the biggest advantage to online dating?

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