Signs She’s Not Enjoying the Head You’re Giving

Last week I wrote a post about the signs that show she’s really enjoying the head you’re giving her.

Now I’m going to discuss the other side of things because knowing when she’s not enjoying herself is perhaps even more crucial to your development as a lover… a sex god…  a super stud… a master of cunnilingus.

She’s Just Lying There

When it comes to sex in general, you want your partner to make some kind of sound or movement indicating that she’s into it, otherwise how do you know she’s not just thinking about what to have for dinner and wishing that you’d hurry up and finish?

If she’s not responding to the head you’re giving, back off and try something else. Also, there’s no harm in asking her what she likes.

She Was Moaning, but Now She’s Not

Pay attention to her breathing. Was she panting and moaning one minute, then breathing more or less normally the next? If so, then you’ve probably stopped doing the thing that was really working for her and moved on to something less exciting.

Get to know your partner’s sex language by noting how she sounds and what her body is doing through the different stages of arousal. Knowing this will make you a way better lay.

She’s Pulling Away from You

This might seem obvious, but it can present in a subtle way. Does your partner flinch, or shift her body away from you when you’re about to go down on her? If so, stop what you’re doing and ask her what she wants. She might tell you she’s not a fan of oral, or that she needs you to approach it much more slowly and gently.

Some women need a long lead up, and much of the pleasure they experience from oral comes as a result of anticipation and an already heightened level of arousal.

She Looks Bored

I realize this one might be hard to detect, seeing as your eyes will be directed towards her crotch. But if you happen to look up and see that she’s checking her phone, filing her nails, or staring blankly at the ceiling, you can bet that she’s not really feeling you.

Back off and start over with the basics of kissing and reconnecting. It’s possible she wasn’t ready for you to go down on her and needs more of a warm up, or maybe she’s not really in the mood for sex right now.

She Asks You to Stop

As I’ve mentioned in a number of previous posts, if a woman tells you to stop doing something sexual, take her at face value and stop. She might say, “Stop,” or express her desire for you to stop by asking you to fuck her, or suck on her nipples, or kiss her… basically anything other than what you’re doing.

If she falls asleep or passes out while you’re going down on her, stop immediately. An unconscious person can’t consent and is obviously not enjoying the experience.

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