5 Reasons to Pre-Date Masturbate

1. Ok, this might seem obvious, but fellas – if you think there may be any chance of hanky-panky as the night comes to a close, then it’s not a terrible idea to take care of your business beforehand. That way, if the time comes when you get up close and personal with your date, you won’t run the risk of coming too soon and ruining your date’s pleasure – and potentially, your chances of getting more time with her. There’s nothing so sexy as a man who lasts, and lasts, and lasts . . .

2. Orgasms relieve stress. Fact. And as everyone knows, dating can be stressful, even if it’s butterflies-in-the-stomach stress. Popping one off pre-date is, for both men and women, the quickest, easiest, and most natural way to calm your nerves. Think of it as nature’s Valium.

3. Ladies: ever looked in the mirror after enjoying a mind-blowing romp that included a fabulous oragasm or two? You look beautiful after you come! Your cheeks are flushed, your lips are swollen, your eyes are bright – basically, you possess all the myriad characteristics that women who spend truck-loads on fancy skin treatments want! Now, I beg you – call up your Aunt Stella and tell her your secret! In the meantime, revel in the knowledge that you look mesmerizingly seductive and full of sexual health at the exact moment you want to.

4. Presuming all this dating will eventually lead to the bedroom, it’s worth noting that getting familiarized with your hot bod is a good method of preparation for introducing someone else to it. Remind yourself what it is you especially like, experiment a bit with your own touch and it’ll be easy for you to guide someone new to you along the course of your pleasure. If you want to get in the mood even further, while you’re masturbating, squeeze your eyes shut and imagine your date’s hand/mouth/toes (hey, I’m not judging!) on your money spot, and practice telling them what you want them to do next.

5. Lastly, we must admit that there’s a chance that the date won’t go as you hope and there will be no romantic or sexy ending to it. When this is the case, having taken care of yourself ahead of time means you suddenly have perspective on the matter. As in: “Well, she obviously wasn’t right for me, but at least I have no trouble fulfilling my own needs.” Feeling confident and content? Good! Now go home, and rub yourself to sleep.

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