Sexting Dos and Don’ts

Sexting is a major part of the dating scene here in the twenty-first century. It’s a major form of flirtation, a way for couples to stay connected between dates and hookups. Like everything, there is an art to it. I want to offer you a few dos and don’ts to help you get started.

Sexting Dos and Don’ts

DO Take Your Time

You don’t need to jump right into it by sending a dick pic, and you don’t need to say you want to fuck right off the bat. Actually, sexting is all about building up the suspense. You can start by sending messages that are borderline flirtatious with playful tone. The playfulness is integral, as you are trying to stimulate a lady’s mind as much has her body. This back and forth can be a wonderful way to stay connected in long-distance relationships.

DO Respond Appropriately

If you get a flirtatious, or downright sexy message, you need to respond fairly soon, and positively. Somebody just put themselves on the line for you. You need to show that it is appreciated, and welcome. The more positive the response, the better future texts will be. If you send a one-word answer, or something that doesn’t seem enthusiastic, the game will fizzle out. Your texts shouldn’t be ambivalent.

DO Delete those Messages

Saving incriminating things on your phone will only trip you up later, trust me. Plus, as a matter of respect, you are taking another person’s safety and privacy in your hands. Show them the respect of keeping the messages on the down low. If all that sexting goes well, you will get to see them naked any time you like, so you don’t need the messages.

DON’T Send Inappropriate Sexts

It goes without saying that, even though sexting is rife among underage people, you need to stay well away from anyone who isn’t of age. If you’re not sure, err on the safe side by waiting until you are. It’s just not worth the risk.

DON’T Send Unsolicited Pics

Most women don’t want a dick pic popping up on their phone, so don’t send one unless she asks. If she does request one, don’t put your face and your junk in the same shot. You never know if someone will end up sharing your photo, intentionally or unintentionally. Phones get hacked, and feelings change, so protect yourself and your reputation, and (following the advice of St. Thomas Aquinas) keep your head and your body in separate spheres.

DON’T Drink and Sext

Believe me, you will regret it if you let the liquor lead the texting session. You are going to hit up the wrong people, and you are going to say the wrong things. As a person who got drunk and hit up his girlfriend’s best friend one night from a bar, and then had to deal with the fallout for months after, I know what I’m saying. You need to be in control of your faculties if and when you’re playing this game.

What kind of sexting do you enjoy? Please share in the comments!

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