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Advantages of Long-Distance Dating

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I used to be attracted to men who lived in other cities because I easily felt suffocated by those who wanted to spend too much time with me. I still cast a wide net when using online dating sites to meet men, but now it’s for other reasons as well.

Benefits of Long-Distance Dating

Meet more women. If you keep your search limited to your neighborhood, or even city, you’re missing out on many possible hookups or relationship potential. Talking to someone one state over or overseas could not only result in hot phone sex, but maybe more.

Keep it casual. Lots of men and women are only looking for a part-time relationship because of other responsibilities or lifestyle choices. With someone far away, it’s harder to get too attached.

Experience hotter hookups. When you only see a partner once every couple weeks or longer, the sex tends to be much better because of the built-in anticipation. Sexting and flirty Facetime will keep the embers burning in between your time together.

Travel more. I love taking trips to visit my new lover in his quaint town, as well as flights abroad to see my ex in Australia. The first time you leave your city to meet someone you’ve only talked to on the phone or online, is very exciting.

Explore polyamory. More and more people are finding the monogamous lifestyle just doesn’t work for them, whether they have cheated or been cheated on, or just want to love more than one woman. With honesty, you can explore different relationships with different women, especially with niche sites like PolyamoryDate.com.

Meet all your sexual needs. If you enjoy all kinds of hookups along the spectrum, from vanilla to BDSM, you may need to go outside your area, especially if your from a small town. Metropolitan cities boast sex clubs and regular meetups for men who seek casual hookups.

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