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Taking Sex on the Road

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If you love sex and love road trips, there’s no better way to combine these passions than to take sex on the road. Travelling with a lover can help break up the monotany of certain stretches, with a partner always at the ready.

I recently drove down south with a new fling where finally I was able to wear some more revealing clothes. We didn’t make it far along on our trip, before we were pulling into a rest stop for a little back-seat action. Sex in public, with the threat of someone seeing you, is just one more level of hot that makes road trip sex even better.

Depending on how much of an exhibitionist you are, you’ll want to choose your pit stops carefully. My suggestions include parking lots, camping grounds, rest stops, and of course just pulling over to the side of the road is fun. If your lady is willing to give you a blow job while driving, congratulations , but always play safe.

The key to a great build up before you stop is a little flirty touching and dirty talk. Tell your lover what you plan to do to her when you make a stop, or ask her to share her fantasies. Erotic stories are a great way to warm both partners up. Sexy music is also part of any great road trip romp. Whether she likes hot n’ heavy blues, raunchy rock n’ roll, or indie emo songs… pack her faves.

And just because you’re not at home, doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. If you love your toys, pack them up as well. There’s nothing wrong with tying your lover to a picnic table for a little outdoor bondage, if that’s what you’re into!

So don’t forget: Just because you have a final destination (maybe you don’t!), doesn’t mean you can’t have fun along the way.

If you have any tips or stories about “love on the road”, please share with us in the comments!

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