Hooking Up in Public

Among all the kinky thrills available to us as more or less free people, public sex is one that is decidedly not for everyone. The same possibility of being seen and caught in the act that adds an extra element of excitement for some lovers introduces an intolerable level of anxiety in others. So, if hooking up in public is your thing, the first and most important thing to realize is that it needs to be your partner’s thing too, at least to some extent, or it’s liable to turn into a horrible experience for both of you, sooner or later.

As a practical matter, it’s also important not to get too bold with your public hookups. Getting your dick sucked in a parked car in a darkened parking lot is one thing, but indulging in full-on penetration out in front of the local police department in broad daylight is going to be a mighty short ride to an unpleasant destination. In other words, it might be wise to avoid public sex that might inadvertently introduce the possibility of prison sex.

Some environments for public sex walk a fine line between being too likely to lead to your tryst being discovered and just public enough. Not so coincidentally, these are the ideal spots for many public sex aficionados, as they get the charge from the possibility of being caught, but with a strong likelihood of getting to close the deal – or at least being able to slip away pre-climax without handcuffs on.

The last time I was with a woman who liked to hook up in public, her thing was jerking me off in small pockets of isolation within very public spaces – dark restaurant booths, trash-strewn alleys, and on the outskirts of public parks after hours. The alleys made me a wince a little, but I didn’t mind as long as the smell wasn’t too awful. While she did favor somewhat dingy spots for our public hijinks, thankfully, she wasn’t into public bathroom sex, because that sort of thing is just an unsanitary bridge too far for me.

My point is that even when your partner is down with the idea of public sex, there can be specific locations that don’t do it for them, and it’s important that you respect those boundaries – assuming the boundaries keep it all enjoyable for you, that is; there’s no point in having grudging, resentful public sex, when the whole point is to make sex more fun.

Communicate with your partner about what she wants and what you want, and your public hookups can add spice to your sex life. Without that open and frank communication, one or both of you might end up not having as much fun as you should.

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