6 Online Dating Tips for Virgins

Are you a virgin? Are you hoping to find someone online who can fulfill that role, help you toss your virgin crown aside and embark on a lifetime of sexual adventure?

I’m at an age where I don’t really meet virgins very often, but they do pop up now and again in my online dating inbox. They are specifically looking for an older woman to pop their cherry. I don’t reply back, as I’m just not interested in being THAT person anymore. It’s a huge responsibility, being someone’s first.

If you’re a nineteen-year-old virgin or older, you likely have places—school, clubs, bars, parties, concerts, sports events, workshops—where you can meet singles looking for hookups. But if you are more interested in a relationship, something more meaningful wherein you lose your virginity, then online dating may be the route to go.

You’ve probably fantasized about how it all goes down, whether that’s with an older and more experienced woman or with someone you fall in love with. Online dating offers every possibility. So let’s get you started with some practical advice on meeting someone to give it up to.

Tips for Virgins Trying Online Dating

1. Know What You’re Looking For

Online dating can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you want. Everyone on a site who writes a detailed profile of who they are and what they want has a much easier time of finding a compatible match, than someone who writes a sparse profile with little description.

Be open and honest while keeping some mystery back. If you are just looking to lose your virginity, state that you are only interested in casual sex. If you are hoping to find a girlfriend who you can get to know before having sex, share that you’re looking for a relationship.

2. Keep Your Virgin Status to Yourself… at First

There’s no need to write that you’re a virgin in your profile. That’s too personal and can be a bit off putting to someone who’s never actually met you.

When you begin to have some back-and-forth dialogue with someone, you can start to decide if you want to share your virgin status. Again, if it’s just about getting laid, you don’t have to wait until you meet in person, as sharing this will be a deal breaker for some women, and you may want to separate those not interested sooner rather than later.

3. Don’t Feel You Have to Explain

When you do share your virgin status, you’ll probably find yourself with two types of women: the type who has a million questions about why you’re still a virgin, especially if you are in your thirties, and the type who doesn’t care about the details of why but only about the kind of person you are.

Share as much as you’re comfortable with and only proceed with getting to know someone you feel emotionally safe with.

4. Know What Feels Good to You

You might be an online dating virgin who has had a lot of experience in the make-out department, sans penetration. If this is the case, you’ll likely know what gets your motor going. This experience will go a long way to enjoying your first time and being comfortable in the situation.

If you are very limited with your foreplay skills, you can let her take the lead. And if you know what feels good for you, please share that valuable information.

5. Accept Others Sexual IQ

You may have little to no experience with women, but you’re going to find that there are other inexperienced people on dating sites too. You may want to meet another virgin because you’ll feel less pressure to perform, but you’re probably more interested in someone who can show you the ropes, maybe even a woman with cougar status (someone who gets off on popping young men’s cherries).

On dating sites, you will meet both extremes of sexual experience and everyone in between—which is lots of fun.

To uncover the best sites for meeting cougars and older women read: Older Women Dating Sites for Hookups

6. Lower Your Expectations

Like I said earlier, you’ve probably fantasized about your first time many times. And that’s great, just don’t have too many expectations when it comes to the real deal.

Real life sex is certainly not like porn, please know that. And most people would not put their first time anywhere close to the top of their sexual hit list. Everyone remembers it, but that’s because it was their first time, not because it was great.

That said, you can still plan a nice date for a potential lover or keep it casual with a sex-only mandate. Either way, it usually doesn’t go exactly the way you think it will, and that’s okay—like everything in life, it only gets better with practice!

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Are you a virgin new to online dating? Please share in the comments!

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