Tips for Hookup Virgins

Are you ready to take the big plunge, dive into the sex pool and swim a few laps. You may be twenty, thirty, or even forty. No matter what age, the first time can cause anxiety. A lot of men look to online dating sites in search of a woman that can help you over that first hurdle. Sex gets better and better with practice. No one is a pro their first time out, especially if you haven’t had any “almost occasions”.

If you’re ready to hookup, here are tips to help you through and make it a positive memory – because no one forgets their first time.

The right woman. It’s nice to lose your virginity to someone you know well, but I understand this isn’t always possible. If you’ve decided to find someone online then make sure they know you’re a virgin ahead of time. Honesty will help you find a woman who is patient, experienced, and genuinely interested in sharing your first sexual foray.

Don’t overthink it. This is probably easier said than done. You’ve imagined what it would be like a million times, I’m sure, but try to be mentally present. Let your thoughts and feelings guide you.

Forget porn and rom coms. You’ve watched a lot of sex scenes, no doubt, and have a picture of what you think it’s going to be like. Well . . . it’s never how you imagine. It won’t be that perfect romantic interplay seen in movies and it’s usually not the oft times comical clichés found in porn. Sex is fun, silly, and sometimes awkward.

No expectations. You could have earth shattering sex the first time, but it’s rare. Likely, you’ll get turned on, freaked out, and probably come quick – don’t sweat it, this is normal and you have the rest of your life to perfect your skills. Without expectations, you won’t be disappointed. A woman who knows you’re a virgin is not going to expect a mind blowing orgasm.

Slow and steady. If your partner is also inexperienced, you don’t want to rush things. Women like and require foreplay, so don’t start grabbing down there without some kissing and caressing first. If you’re hooking up with an older experienced woman, she’ll be able to guide and direct you when it comes to pacing – follow her lead.

Talk. Don’t be afraid to express what you like, that you are enjoying certain things, or what you think of her body. A woman likes to know when a man is enjoying himself and compliments are always appreciated. The right woman won’t be judging what you say or wa ask for during sex. How can you learn without asking?

Enjoy. You only have one first time and it will stick with you forever. I don’t know anyone who thinks their first time was the best, far from it, but it can be a moment that is worth remembering.

Guys: Was losing your virginity a memorable experience?


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