Online Dating Douche Moves to Avoid

Meeting women online is hard. I hear that. There are tons of men competing for the attention of a relatively small number of women and it can feel like a useless endevour. The problem with such a defeatist attitude, though, is that it breeds defensiveness, which in turn can lead to disrespect. I’ve seen it many times: douchey tactics employed in the name of the shotgun approach or in an attempt to stand out from other guys.

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 You might think you’re being desirably assertive or mastering the art of Neg Theory but really, you’re coming across as an asshole. Here are 4 commonly used strategies that will pretty much guarantee you a lack of online dating success.

4 Douchebag Moves to Avoid when Online Dating

1. Introduce Yourself with a Dick Pic
Gross. I’ve written about this before as have others but based on the large number of dick pics circulating on dating sites worldwide, it would seem that I can’t repeat this enough. Dick pics are not sexy! A preview of your cock, no matter how large or veiny, will not set you apart from the pack, nor will it make a woman want to meet you. Please stop sending them to us!

2. Pressure Her for a Response
If you send a lady a message and she doesn’t respond, let it go. Don’t try to make her feel guilty or sorry for you. Don’t be a passive-aggressive prick, or try to appeal to her sympathies. She doesn’t owe you anything and your insistence will probably lead her to block you entirely. Persistence isn’t a compliment. It’s creepy and comes across as desperate.

3. Send a Message Months Later, Forgetting You’ve Already Connected
It happens more times than you might think, so be sure to check your message history before sending out your standard greeting. Maybe you couldn’t care less if you message her again, even after a failed attempt. If you’re doing the online-dating form letter thing, what does it matter? Well, if the lady you’re messaging again was going to have second thoughts and give you a change, you’ve effectively ensured that it will never happen.

4. Sexting Her Despite a Lack of Response
Let’s say things had gotten hot in the messaging department between you and your lady of interest. You were sending her your best and dirtiest material and she was right there with you, giving it back and making you so hard you could barely stand it.

Then she just disappeared, or she changed the subject to something non-sexual. I can tell you with certainty that she’s not hoping you’ll continue the sexting without her, that she’ll welcome your advances at four the next morning, or that every time she picks up her phone she wants to be hit in the face with your rampant desire. I suggest you take her lead and cool it.

Stop it with these ridiculously awful tactics. You and every other guy out there who uses them are only coming across as pricks.

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