Let Your Fingers Do the Talking in the Bedroom

If you’re really in the moment and feeling it, you shouldn’t have to even think about where to put your hands and what to do with them during sex.

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We all know that sometimes nerves get in the way, though, making us freeze up, or grope around super awkwardly. If you know what I’m talking about, read on. Hopefully these suggestions will help.


This is a great way to get your lady in the mood. Start with light touches to her face and neck. Combine with light kisses as your hands travel down to her breasts and belly. Let your hands and lips explore every part of her before focusing on her more obvious pleasure zones. Let her body tell you what she needs.


Consider taking a course in erotic massage. Your skills will be much appreciated and most likely bragged about to her friends! One of the hottest experiences I ever had started with a long, sensuous massage, delivered by a man who had really honed his skills.

If you don’t want to take a class, just pay attention to your partner’s responses as you give her a sexy back and shoulder rub. Is she relaxing into it? Even if your moves aren’t overtly sexual, or considered within the realm of erotic, feeling relaxed and cared for can go a long way toward putting your date in the mood.


Fingering is more than just a go-to for awkward virgins. When done correctly, it can really enhance your partner’s orgasm.

The key is to angle your finger(s) upward inside her vagina. You want to rub them against her g-spot, which is located a few centimetres inside, on the upper wall. You’ll know you’ve found it when you reach a spongey-feeling area (or when your partner starts to get really wet and beg for more).


As things heat up, don’t be afraid to get more passionate. Grab and squeeze her hips and ass! Take her breasts in your hands, squeezing rhythmically as she rides your hard cock. A word of caution, though: Check her reaction and don’t squeeze too hard. Breasts can be sensitive or painful depending on where she is in her monthly cycle.

Enhance Oral

Did you know that the clitoris is way bigger than it looks? (I wrote about this before in a post about the female orgasm.) It actually extends several centimetres on either side of a woman’s labia, giving you much more surface area to work with. To get the most out of this, gently stroke her inner thighs as you use your lips and tongue to give her head.

Have any more tips to share about using your hands like a pro? Leave them in a comment!

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