How to Keep the Online Connection Going

As people spend more and more time online—dating and meeting new people, and staying in touch with lovers they’re unable to see—it’s important to keep those connections alive and well.

When you keep the connection strong and fluid, you are better able to endure long periods apart. You won’t feel as awkward when you do meet up in person, and you will build anticipation that can be exciting and explosive (in a good way!)

What will work for some individuals or couples may not work for others, so choose solutions that fit with where you’re at in your relationship.

How to Keep the Connection Strong when Apart

Don’t let long periods of time pass between contact.

When you meet women on dating sites, you have to assume they are chatting online with other men, especially if they are intelligent and beautiful and charming. Go beyond her looks, and read her profile to be able ask her specific questions about her interests and desires in your first message.

If a dialogue begins, keep it going with more open-ended questions. Follow her lead, by mirroring how often she wants to talk. And you’ll know if things are really going well if she asks you to move from the in-site messaging system of the dating app to other platforms.

Schedule a regular date night.

If you both seem keen to further your budding relationship, then try planning for a same-time-next-week arrangement. Lots of us have busy schedules and a regular online date every week can really give us something to look forward to. If you can’t commit to something regular, try planning something special every other week that isn’t necessarily the same day. There are lots of digital dating ideas to explore until you meet again.

Be open to different connections.

Are you zooming every week for work meetings? If you want to separate the vibe of your play dates from work dates, choose a different platform for your personal connections. That might be through a dating app or something like Facetime or WhatsApp or Skype. It’s what you’re comfortable with or have access to. If your both gamers, you can learn a lot about each other through solving problems in online games together.

Get creative and intimate with your date planning.

If you do set up a date that is virtual, plan something that goes beyond two people talking through screens. Enjoy a dinner that you’ve ordered and had delivered to your place and hers. Take turns sharing your culinary delights.

Want something a littler sexier? Start a game of Truth Dare Double Dare. Or play show and tell with your sex toys. Or pull out a deck of cards and suggest a game of strip poker. You never know, this might lead to mutual masturbation!

If you’re not comfortable with taking your clothes off, you can always swap crazy sex stories or fantasies of what you’d like to try when you get a chance in real life.

Explore threesome possibilities.

Are you already in a close relationship with someone, but for whatever reason you are unable to see them for long periods of time? If you’ve already discussed the possibility of opening up your relationship to a third for a threesome, why not go ahead and explore the possibility from afar.

Join a couples dating site and browse for a third. You can compare notes and interview prospective partners for future fun.

Plan your next hookup.

Set a date when you know you’ll be able see each other, and start planning. Do you want to celebrate a milestone or holiday, or just the fact that it’s your first time meeting or getting together in forever.

Make it special by dressing up, choosing a unique location, and planning an activity that you both will enjoy with any extras you can think of. Make it a memorable hookup, especially if you know you’ll be back to online-only connections… until the next time.

How do you keep the connections going? Please share your ideas in the comments!

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