4 Ideas for a Digital First Date

Bummed that you can’t meet women in real life? Hooking up is hard enough as it is without having to do it remotely. Thankfully we live in a world that allows for immediate connection right from the comfort of our own homes.

With just a little patience and creative thinking, even the most anticipated of first dates can be enjoyed online. So, keep those sexts and private messages flowing because they will feed the flames of your very first virtual encounter.

4 Ideas for Digital First Dates

1. Romantic Cyber Dinner for Two

Arrange for a series of deliveries to reach your date at just the right moment. Send flowers, then chocolate, followed by a fancy dinner, tablecloth and candles. Have the same food and place setting ready to go on your end, so that when it’s time to Skype, it will appear that you’re sharing a romantic meal at the same table.

Before executing your plan, find out if she has any allergies or dietary preferences, and how she feels about things being delivered to her home. Work these topics into casual conversation over the phone or via text.

2. Netflix and Chill over Skype

Google “watch Netflix together,” and you will be presented with several platforms you can use to watch a movie in sync with your date. If the platform you’ve chosen doesn’t have an added webcam feature, Skype each other on separate devices. Although it’s not quite the same as cuddling together, you will at least have the opportunity to glance over at one another, and maybe even get a little flirty.

If you’re both on the same page, why not transition into the “chill” part of the evening with a little mutual masturbation?

3. Virtual Museum or Art Gallery Tour

Many world-class museums and galleries offer virtual tours for free. The Louvre, Guggenheim, and National Gallery of Art are on the list, among others. Use any screen sharing app to create the illusion that you and your date are walking hand in hand through the various hallways and exhibits. Take a moment to pause and talk about what you’re seeing. Share stories and impressions as you take in the beauty together.

Who knows, maybe one day you’ll visit the place in person and reminisce about that time you toured it together remotely.

4. Online Concert or Lecture

Several of the world’s top universities stream their lectures. Some charge a fee but lots of them are completely free. If music is more your thing, plan to watch a televised concert together but separately. Lots of musicians are also doing informal concerts through their Facebook or Instagram feeds. If your love of a particular artist of musical genre is what brought you together, this could be a great way to build on your burgeoning desire. Make a shared playlist of your favorite songs and listen to it together when you want to feel closer.

Before long, you’ll get to meet for real and just think of the sparks that will have built up, waiting for release. Savor the anticipation!

What would be your top pick for a digital first date? Let us know in the comments!

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