How to Plan for a Successful Date

When a date fails, we often try to figure out exactly what went wrong. Was I too anxious? Too talkative? Did I not compliment her enough? And sometimes you just don’t care because you felt a lack of chemistry as soon as you laid eyes on your date. BUT… before a date even begins, before you meet a woman, there are things you can do to increase your chances of success. Whatever success means to you – a new friend-with-benefits, a steamy one night stand, or a potential girlfriend – it’s always best to do your best. Here are a few pre-date tips…

Clean Up
First, take the time to look your best without going overboard. You’ll want to wear clothes you feel comfortable in, but not your lounging-around-the-house type of comfortable. Wear what your female friends say looks good on you. Always shower and groom. Women like a man who takes care of himself because it represents confidence. Second, spruce up your apartment, as you never know if you might end up back there at the end of the night. A dirty man-pad is a deal breaker for most women. And it’s always a good idea to have snacks and drinks on offer.

Plan with Her in Mind
I’ve met guys who take first dates to the same exact place all the time. I can understand the desire to be comfortable, but there is such a thing as being too comfortable on a date. Feeling nervous is not always a bad thing because it also signals a sense of excitement. You don’t want to come across as cavalier, like a player, to your date. Use information gleaned from her dating profile or online conversations you’ve had to plan a first date that reflects her personality and preferences. She’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness.

Have a Backup Plan
Having a Plan B in your back pocket is always a good strategy for many reasons or unforeseeable events. What if you meet somewhere and one of you sees an ex. It will be way better if you already have another great place to suggest than standing around, wondering where to go. Or maybe your bike ride together gets rained out. She will definitely be impressed with your quick recommendation of indoor wall climbing, especially if she’s the sporty type. Most women like a man who can take charge, so this extra planning will work in your favor if the setting needs to be changed.

How do you plan for a great date? We’d love to hear tips from our readers!

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