4 Tips for Virtual Sex with Long-Distance Lovers

Long distance love is quite common now. We find ourselves in one place, and the person we love in another. This isn’t Victorian times, though. A single photo in a locket or a letter a couple of times a year are short on details and long on possibilities—they can’t sustain us in a sexual wilderness.

Now there are a great many options for how to keep things hot between you and your special somebody, hanging on and on for the day when you can be reunited in a blazing sensual fire.

4 Tips for Long-Distance Connections

1. Write an Old School Letter

Even though I was just saying that we didn’t have to resort to letters, because letters aren’t the only thing and are now quite a rarity, the arrival of a letter can be quite an event.

Think about it, the letter is this tactile piece of a person that you can hold in your hands. It has a three dimensional form, possibly a smell, certainly a texture. It has the spidery work of your lover’s handwriting on it. Do you even know what your lover’s handwriting looks like? It used to be a thing we all recognized as surely as we did each other’s voices. Don’t overlook the impact a surprise lover letter could have.

2. Answer Your Phone

Phone conversations have gone the way of the dodo, nearly. Those kids today don’t like talking on the phone. Yet talking on the phone has a definite intimacy to it.

Each participant is agreeing contractually to the length of the encounter in some way or another. It isn’t open ended as texting can be. Moreover, we are treated to the breath of the other. If you say something sexy, you can hear how they breathe. Phone sex was as ubiquitous as the phone was at one time. It is an art that can be revived in this day and age.

Show Her How You Feel

There are numerous platforms now for video chatting. Some are better than others. Some are clearly showing themselves to be insecure. That said, if you like someone, and you trust someone, you can explore all kinds of sensuality with each other over a video chat.

Whether it’s as tame as flashing, or mutual masturbation, or whether it is a full-on bondage session, there is plenty you can do on video.

Text to Your Heart’s Content

Texting is still amazing. The best part about it is how much can be left to the imagination. Suggestion and flirting are so much easier when you’re just sending a string of words out into space, hoping that they will eventually elicit a string of pearls to fall into your hand.

The best part of texting is that it doesn’t even matter if the other person is really doing what they say they’re doing or not—the imagination and how it gets tickled are the only things we need to blast off into fun!

How are you staying connected to your loved ones? Share in the comments!

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