How to Orgasm Together

There’s nothing better than climaxing as a couple, lying in one another’s arms, completely spent. It’s great, but is it easy? No, from my experience, it takes practice (of the good kind), and someone you feel very comfortable with (not usually a one-nighter). Check out these tips that will help you find simultaneous satisfaction.

Don’t expect a double whammy if your lady isn’t in the mood. Your chances will go way up if she’s the initiator. As well, men tend to come twice as fast as women, so take responsibility for pacing yourself in conjunction with her excitement levels. If you’re not sure where she’s at, you can always ask, but keep the communication sexy – a little dirty talk.

Because it takes women a little longer to come, you’ll want to ramp up the foreplay. Before any intercourse, arouse her slowly. This can be through massage, watching videos, toys, or some imaginative role playing.

Mutual Masturbation
You can look, but don’t touch. This can be part of your foreplay and a great way to get both of you aroused before any intercourse comes into play.

Going downtown is another way to please your woman and have her on the brink, ready to come alongside you. Every man should master their technique, although every woman may ask you to make little adjustments. Some of us want a little nibble, others not so much. For mutual pleasure, go into the 69 position, which leads me to my next tip…

Position Properly
A lot of women don’t orgasm in the missionary position, especially if there wasn’t much foreplay. With a woman on top, she’ll be able to adjust herself to get the best clitoral stimulation. Doggie is another one of many excellent positions, allowing for deeper penetration. You can also use a small vibrator against her clitoris while inside her.

The double orgasm is possible, but it may take a few times to figure out your best strategy. If at first you don’t succeed… try, try again. What’s most important is that you both feel satisfied, but it is awesome if you can climax at the same time!!!

How do you achieve a double orgasm with a partner?

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