3 Reasons to Use Online Dating for Casual Hookups

Online dating makes it much easier to enjoy casual dating, and avoid commitment if that’s not for you. You can sell yourself with a dating profile that explains that you aren’t ready to settle down, thus prevent feelings being hurt down the line.

Some men don’t want to say they’re only into short-term dating or friends with benefits because they think women won’t respond, but believe you me, there are plenty of us who only want hookups and no-strings sex.

3 Reasons to Use Online Dating 

1. You can take your time, without wasting it. When you join a dating site, put some effort into creating a full profile (fill out all the sections and choose awesome pics of yourself) before you send any messages. That effort shows and is attractive to women.

Be honest about what you want (not necessarily don’t want, as that is seen as negative) in terms of the kind of relationship you are looking for. If you think something is important about yourself that could be a deal breaker, or has been in the past, put it out there. Endless first dates that end in disappointment can be avoided with a straight-shooting profile.

2. Women who only want hookups are online. Long gone are the days when picking up a woman at a bar or club was easy. Sure, it still can happen, but if you’re over thirty or not willing to spend a fortune going out, it’s a crap shoot at best. Women prefer to use the discretion that online dating affords when they just want casual sex and nothing else.

Mainstream sites offer casual dating options, but there are also plenty of niche sites for more casual connections, or sexual proclivities. Don’t be afraid of membership fees, if you have a very particular desire you want to fulfill.

3. You’ll meet women online you wouldn’t otherwise. This might be the best thing about online dating—you can meet a very diverse group of people who you might never cross paths with during your day to day. This could be because they enjoy very different interests, have a career that keeps them from being out socializing a lot, or maybe they live in another city or even country!

Be ready to meet anyone and everyone when you use online dating—it’s an adventure!

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