How to Make Your Lover Feel Special

You know that expression, actions speak louder than words? Well, no where is it more relevant then when you’re trying to convey to a woman just how amazing she is. Sure you can say, “You’re hot,” but she probably hears this all the time, and what does it really mean beyond the fact that you’ve noticed her body?

Acknowledge Her Accomplishments

Did she accomplish something amazing at work? Or make it through a difficult in her life? Maybe she received an award, or just tried something that was scary for her. Recognize and acknowledge great things about your gal, beyond the realms of beauty and sexuality. This will show her that you see her as more than a walking vagina.

Just don’t go overboard to the point of condescension because no one wants to be praised for accomplishments that would be expected of any functional adult.

Respect Her Opinions

Even if you don’t always agree with her take on things, respect the fact that she has lived a life and has something to say about it. A lot of guys get insecure around women with strong opinions. This could be because many of you are taught from an early age that a man’s job is to make decisions and be the authority on everything. Try to let go of that burden.

Show her that you’re secure and open minded enough to have a mature discussion. Hell, maybe even learn something new!

Ask for Her Advice

She’s a grown woman, and I can guarantee that ishe knows stuff. Just as you should respect the fact that she has opinions, show her that you value the extent of her life experience by asking for her help when you need it.

Don’t be afraid of making yourself vulnerable. You might think she’ll see you as weak, but it actually takes a lot of strength to admit that you don’t know everything. That doesn’t mean you should start asking her to do everything for you—that’s called dependency, and it’s not sexy.

Appreciate Her Originality

Pay attention to the things that make her unique. When it comes time to get her a gift or plan a date, use your knowledge about what makes her tick to plan something that she’ll really enjoy.

Avoid gifts that you feel women are supposed to like. Not every woman wants lingerie, or even flowers and chocolate. Being sensitive to what she enjoys is a great way to show her that you think she’s amazing.

Introduce Her to Your Friends

Even more than introducing her to your parents, inviting her to meet your friends is a high form of flattery. When a man I’m dating introduces me to his buddies, I know he thinks I’m amazing.

Failing to introduce her to your friends makes an equally strong statement, just on the opposite end of the spectrum. It’s important to note, though, that these rules don’t apply if you’re having casual hookups.

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