How to Make Hookup Sex Better for Women

Do you feel like the more women you meet, the more they seem like a mystery? You’re not alone.

If the women you desire seem to choose guys you think have nothing on you, it might be time to pay attention to what turns a woman on, instead of what YOU think turns her on.

You often think the keys to getting laid include muscles, a fat wallet, a full head of hair, a big cock, stamina, and a fancy car. Sure, some women might like those things. But even when we do, there are things far more important.

The following are true for casual hookups AND for long-term dating and love.

3 Keys to Better Hookups for Women

1. Create an Emotional Connection

There’s a reason why male sex dolls with big dicks, big hair, and big muscles don’t sell very well with women—we don’t get very aroused when there’s no emotion or spark.

A lot of guys are confused about this. They think “emotional connection” means love and marriage, but most women need that connection even for casual encounters. It’s not about a deep intimacy or commitment. It’s about two humans connecting. It’s about us liking you—nothing complicated.

I have a lot of dildos and enjoy them as tools. They don’t arouse me in and of themselves. I don’t get horny just looking at a massive toy cock. And I don’t want my hookup or date to be a breathing version of that.

How do you make that connection? By being present and authentic. By treating her as a human being. By not being an interchangeable cookie-cutter guy, or treating her like she is. Enjoy the whole process together—the conversation, the planning, the date, and the sex.

2. Make Her Feel Desired and Wanted

We know you get excited by many women and want to have sex with different girls. But if there is nothing specific about ME and any hole will do, I won’t be very into it.

This isn’t about us playing games. Our physiology and response depends on that unique connection. Otherwise we may as well masturbate. Nothing turns me on more than knowing I turn you on.

Instead of talking about generic tits and ass, for example, or how much you love pussy, be specific to the woman you are with. It’s easy to change your tone and focus from all the breasts in the world to HER breasts. “Oh, my God, I can’t stop thinking of how your nipples got hard under your gold blouse,” works wonders compared to “Did you see the bartender’s rack?”

3. Let Her Be Your One and Only, if Only for One Night

Again, all this personalizing and emotion can really confuse some guys and throw them off, because they expect women to behave like men when it comes to casual sex. The thing is, even if it’s hot hookup sex for just tonight, I’m still doing it WITH YOU, and you are with me. It’s not interchangeable, it’s an experience with each other. I might be with someone else tomorrow night, but tonight I’m with you.

And when I’m in your bed, if you’re trying to impress me by listing off all the hot babes you want and who want you, while ignoring the naked babe right in front of you, well, it’s hard for me to really get into it then. Focus on the woman you’re with!

Any tips you can share from your experiences? Leave a comment!

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