How to Get Sex Tonight, not Tomorrow

There’s something to be said for timing, or for taking your time. There is a place for building a relationship, even the casual kind. There is room for friendship or taking things slow, and there is a time for fun flirtation, for hot sexting, for erotic intrigue and amusement.

But there’s also a time when you want to get down to business. If everything else feels like a waste of time, and you just want to get laid, here’s how to find sex tonight.

Don’t beat around the bush.

Some guys assume all women are actually hoping for something “more” than sex. So to improve their chances of getting laid, they say all sorts of stuff, pretending to be interested in a relationship or telling a million other lies.

This actually prevents you from getting what you want, and makes you a jerk if you do get it, because you haven’t been honest with her.

There are lots of women who want sex tonight or casual-sex relationships without strings. They might be too busy with med school to get all lovey dovey but still want sex. They might be in open relationships and want sexual variety. They might simply be online and horny.

Be direct about what you want, so you can find a woman looking for the same thing.

Reap what you’ve already sown.

The benefit of building a great reputation online, and amassing experiences in casual dating, is that you can create a network that is there for you when you need it.

Not all lovers hook up constantly. But when the mood strikes, if you are on great terms with past encounters, you have someone to call and ask if she’s in the mood too.

Keep your options open.

If a woman ever tells you after a hookup, “That was great… keep my phone number handy,” listen to her.

Just because you didn’t plan on seeing each other again right away doesn’t mean a repeat night of ecstasy isn’t in the cards.

Be direct but polite in person.

It’s more difficult to pick up a woman for casual sex in a bar or grocery store, than online, even if that’s how it was done before the internet existed.

You don’t know if a woman at the pub has a husband or seven kids, if she’s a lesbian, or if she’s saving herself for someone special. Maybe she’s already having as much sex as she wants.

But if you do see someone who catches your eye, and you want to try your luck, approach her with the right blend of honestly and politeness.

Women don’t like to feel like a piece of meat, so this is a tricky risk. If you can handle rejection or an earful, fine. It’s best to strike up a conversation and test the water—if she’s receptive and seems attracted to you, move in with a polite request to take her home for some casual sexy fun.

Find sex on casual dating or kink sites.

Online dating sites and apps are the best way to find a like-minded hookup.

Don’t spend your time on dating sites geared towards a love connection unless you’re looking for that. If you want kinky casual sex, the best place to find it is on sites like where women are looking for the same thing.

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