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How to Make a Woman Feel Desirable

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If you want to get laid more, it’s easier than you think: make a woman feel desirable. I learned this through many conversations with friends, my online dating experience, and by reflecting on past relationships.

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I often feel like a different lover with every new man I’m with. How a man makes me feel when I’m with him results in how I behave sexually. Sometimes I’m more shy, and sometimes I become a wild woman and surprise not only him, but myself!

When a woman feels desirable, she feels more comfortable which allows her to open up more sexually. If she has any concerns or uncertainties about your desire or attraction to her, she will be closed off. Take this advice, and I am sure you will see a difference in your dating and hookups.

Ways to Make a Woman Feel Desirable

Compliment her. Not enough men compliment women. It’s the easiest thing to do, but yet so many guys are hesitant. Women like all kinds of attention, and this includes remarks about how we look. We often put effort into how we look, so please acknowledge this.

Make eye contact. Another simple strategy that often gets lost. I didn’t realize how many men avoid eye contact until I started making an effort myself. It’s a powerful way to connect to your date or potential hookup. So much can be said with only a look.

Show affection. A woman is not going to even think about taking her clothes off with a guy who isn’t able to be affectionate. Hold hands, cuddle on the couch, high-five at the game, but don’t be a prickly pear.

Share fantasies. Sex talk can be an awesome aphrodisiac. It can be playful and fun or downright naughty. Depending where you are in a relationship, being vulnerable and talking about what turns you on or what you’d like to try but never have is very alluring.

Sext with her. Again, maybe not something you’re going to do with a woman you just met online, but who knows! I never thought I would find myself engaged in mutual masturbation over a racy series of texts, but it happened and was super fun.

Buy lingerie. A woman will know you desire her if you shower her with some beautiful lingerie. Know her style and size before you go shopping, or think about going with her.

Remember this equation: Compatibility + Desirability = Sex

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