How to Increase Your Odds of Getting Laid

Tired of meeting women online, taking them out on a first, only to never see them again. Or maybe you just aren’t putting the effort in that is required to have regular hookups. Check out these tips that will help you get laid more often.

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Put yourself out there.

It seems obvious, but I know a lot of guys who complain they aren’t getting the active sex life they want. When I ask them who they’ve approached online or in person, they shuffle and look around. None? Well, that’s a pretty clear indicator of how often you’ll get laid!

You’ve got to ask women out. No excuses.

Be confident but not cocky.

If you’re just a normal guy and not a rock star or an athletic Adonis, be confident anyhow. Just look around you on the bus at other guys of all ages, and you’ll see right away that you are actually fine. If you’re a shy or anxious sort, feign a bit of confidence. 

There’s a big difference between dating confidence and arrogance. It’s easy to strike the right balance: act as if you deserve respect, kindness, and sex, and act as if others do too.

Have a stand-out profile for online dating.

Find some interesting pictures, or take new ones. Be as specific as possible when talking about your desires, interests, and pet peeves.

You won’t stand out from the crowd when you say “good looking twenty-something who loves eating out, pets, and music.”  Think about details and specifics. If you have a collection of stray kittens, say so, ditto if you volunteer dog-walking hours at the local shelter. See the difference?

“I love cooking” will get clicked past fast while “I’m learning how to make perfect rare beef pho” will likely garner some interest as it shows a bit of personality.or 

Treat all dates respectfully.

Even if you can tell from the outset of a date that the chemistry isn’t right or you end the night deciding a second date isn’t for you, always be a gentleman.

Word gets around—girls talk.

Be honest and direct.

State on your dating profile what you are looking for—casual sex. This saves you and the women who are hoping to find a long-term partner a lot of time. Ladies looking for sex, a fuck buddy, or no-strings-attached sex will find you faster. 

Discretion is golden.

If you act as if discretion is a given and conduct yourself so that no woman has to worry that you’ll embarrass her about something she did or didn’t do, you will have something priceless and rare that will set you far above the rest.

It’s easy to decide when to be discreet. Ask yourself and answer honestly: is this something she’d be thrilled to have on the front page of the newspaper? If the answer is no, keep it zipped up. Pun intended.

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