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How to Ask a Woman Out on a Dating Site

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I think most men would be happy if a woman made the first move, but for myself and many women I know, we want to be pursued. If you like a woman you’ve met online and want to ask her out on a date, here are tips that will help you succeed…

1. Don’t wait too long. If you think she’s attractive, interesting and intelligent… chances are so do a lot of other men. If you sit back and contemplate for too long, she will be scooped up by a braver soul. And if she does reject you, you can move on sooner to someone who wants to go out with you.

2. Have a plan. I suggest some sort of dialogue before the actual “asking out on a date”. Send a quality first message that won’t get lost in the shuffle (and have a great dating profile for her to click to). You want to know there is a rapport and a feeling of genuine interest in you, before you ask her out.

3. Be confident. Once you feel there is a mutual interest, make a first date suggestion. Coffee and drinks are kind of boring and set you up for an interview-style date, which can feel awkward even for the most confident daters. Use the information you’ve gleaned from her profile or her messages to include some type of activity or interest she enjoys.

4. Be patient. She may have plans this week (and next), but don’t take that as a brush off. If she’s still engaging with you online, she’s still interested but may be a little shy or new to online dating. Be flexible with your time, and that will be appreciated.

5. Move on if she turns you down. I’ve had a few men keep messaging me to ask if I received their previous messages. This is creepy. A woman has no obligation to respond to a message, if she has no interest. Even if you have had an ongoing conversation, and the woman suddenly stops returning your messages, it’s time to move on. It sucks, but it’s the only acceptable response.

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What other tips can you share with readers when it comes to asking a woman out?

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