How to Be a Better Lover

Just because you already know you’re about to have a one-night stand, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim to be the best possible lover that you can be. Why? Because there may be more in it for you – a new friend with benefits, a regular booty call, or hey now! – a serious relationship. Anything is possible, but only if you’re skills are unforgettable.

It’s not that complicated. Let me break it down into easy to remember chunks.

No Distractions
Nothing turns a woman off more than a guy who can’t ignore his cell or wants the tv on during sex. She needs to feel that she’s the focus.

I can’t stress this enough. Women need foreplay to get wet, get in the mood. Foreplay is that little bit of romance a woman wants, even if it’s only a one night stand.

99.9% of women love kissing and not just on the lips. We are easily aroused when a man kisses us on other parts of our body, too.

Squeezing and groping are so high school. Treat her delicately, explore her body with soft smooth caresses. Offer a massage instead of asking or hinting for one.

Be Prepared
Don’t expect that a woman is going to have condoms. Always have a few on hand. Don’t be a fumbler, if you need to practice the art of putting one on without ruining the mood, do it.

Be Aware
Be in tune with what she’s feeling, how she’s reacting to your moves. Watch her body language to know what she’s thinking but not saying.

Don’t be afraid to suggest a little kink and be open to her fantasies. Hookups don’t usually get too crazy because you’re strangers, but with the right chemistry anything’s possible.

Put Her First
Aim to get her off first because we all know men can come at anytime, but after you do, it’s often game over for the girl. Selfish dudes never get a callback.

Rolling over and going to sleep is so last century. Give a little love after the love – spoon, kiss, caress.

What makes you a good lover? Any other suggestions you can offer?

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