Get Your Home Ready for a Date or Hookup

If you’re planning to have a date or hookup over to your place, make sure your home is ready and date-friendly.

Is your bachelor pad ready for a close-up?

Do you feel comfortable inviting your dates back to your apartment or house for sex? And if you do, what about your date—would she be comfortable?

Is your space safe for sex? Do you have everything you need for a hot hookup handy?

You don’t need a leather sofa, satin sheets, an ice machine, or a jacuzzi. But you should have the basics intact and confidence in your environment, so spontaneous dates won’t be cause for panic.

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How to Prepare Your Home for a Date

Here’s how to prepare your place so that after your hookup, she’ll want to come back again and again.

1. Get Your Place Clean and Tidy

The single biggest obstacle to being ready for your hookup is hygiene and tidiness. Forget about fancy decorating and impressive objects for admiration. There’s no point in having an interesting sculpture or fancy sound system if everything is covered in a blanket of dust and a whirlwind of disarray.

Dudes have a reputation for nonchalance with laundry and dishes and weeks of pizza boxes, not entirely unfounded. Young people are also often quite messy and those who party a lot can have ongoing clean-up issues!

We expect our dates to have homes that are lived in. But there’s no way I can be comfortable getting naked and relaxing if everything stinks like wet jeans and rotten eggs.

If you want to entertain regularly, it’s not a bad idea to prioritize a clean environment. She won’t want to be scared of diseases by sitting on your toilet, so sanitize those urine drips please and aim to do the dishes every single day. It doesn’t have to be spic and span, just normal!

Don’t hesitate to hire a cleaning service if you really can’t muster it up to clean it yourself. That’s totally fine. You may be so busy working or just disinterested, and it’s totally cool to hire someone to help with upkeep.

2. Reflect Your Personality and Interests

A sterile and tidy place with no heart and soul won’t be all that comfortable for her. May as well go to a hotel, no?

You probably have your personality on display already—your books, art, clothes, wall colors, dishes, and music. You don’t need to be trendy, rich, or smooth. Don’t fake it by over-decorating or pretending to be someone else. But think a bit about how you fit into your home, and what your sanctuary and space are for.

Accentuate your personality and interests. It’s more important to feel personal and “at home” than to have the latest trendy pattern in flooring or mirrors.

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3. Put on Fresh Sheets

I get it—the chance your sheets will be clean and fresh is slim. While we don’t expect silk and satin (not saying that isn’t nice, mind you), we do not want to sleep with yesterday’s hookup, or this morning’s jerkoff, or a collection of stinky socks.

If you’re anticipating a date, by all means, change the bedding beforehand. Easy peasy. For unexpected guests, prepare in advance by having a designated date sheet set at the ready. Keep a clean set separate from the rest of the linen and laundry. Fresh white, no holes, should be just fine. Simply offer her a drink while you swap sheets and pillowcases, or do it while she takes a shower.

4. Don’t Forget About the Pets

Most women love cats and dogs, and seeing you interact with your pets with care and affection can help put her at ease and make her comfortable. How a person treats animals often reflects their treatment of humans, so the fact that you bond with, care for, and take responsibility for your pet is a turn-on for most women.

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However, don’t skip the “responsibility” part. Keep your pets brushed, clean, and healthy, and sweep up excess pet hair routinely—before you find out you have a date! Take charge of the litter box area, and don’t let it get gross. Have a stock of pet hair rollers on hand and leave one at the ready when you have a guest, so that she knows she can de-fuzz on exiting.

5. Consider Your Roommates

Do you have a roommate? The roommate doesn’t have to be a problem when entertaining for sex.

If you have a solid relationship with a solid dude, an advance text to let him know you’re bringing someone home will be signal enough that he be on his best behavior and be respectful, not sitting in his underwear with a dozen empties. Also, let your date know you have a roommate.

There’s a good chance your date will decline to come over if you have a roommate. This is because women are calculating the risks and costs of sex, and two or more guys presents many potential dangers. We do take risks, but the goal is to minimize them, of course. It’s a really good idea to be familiar with a nearby hotel and offer that up as an option, either instead of your place or if she wants to avoid the roommate.

If your roommate is noisy, rude, boisterous, or tries to get in on the fun without an invitation, best to skip your pad and suggest the hotel!

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6. Have Essentials Handy

In addition to fresh sheets, keep a few fresh clean towels and a washcloth on hand, along with a few travel essentials like shampoo and soap, a sealed toothbrush, snacks, and drinks.

Condoms and lube should be plentiful—you don’t want to run out of key supplies! Wine, a clean t-shirt in case she stays the night, and a clean robe are also nice touches.

What would you add to this list that makes your home ready for dates?

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