Should You Hook Up with a Roommate?

Are you and your roomie—who you admittedly find hot in her baggy house sweats—tempted to incorporate a little “chill” into your nightly Netflix marathons?

Have you started looking at each other differently, wondering what it would feel like to break the code of platonic co-habitation and take things to a new level? Why not? You’re stuck together in your apartment, neither of you have hooked up in months, and desperate times call for desperate measures, right? Not necessarily.

Before making your move, ask yourself these questions to avoid potential misery.

Roommate Sex: Is It a Good or Bad Idea?

Are you locked into a lease?

If so, you might want to avoid sleeping together. Sure, things could turn out great. Maybe you’ll find yourselves in the perfect friends-with-benefits scenario, but who are we kidding? Things are more likely to get super awkward, and who wants that? Think of the most ill-fated fling you’ve ever had, then imagine coming home to a train wreck of the same proportions, day in and day out.

If you’re someone who thinks of home as a refuge, as opposed to just a place to crash, keeping things platonic is all the wiser.

Will roommate drama ensue?

Do you have other roommates who might be affected by your actions? If you’re hooking up for the pure convenience of it, are you doing so at the expense of your existing relationships? These are strange and difficult times we’re living in, and it’s not uncommon to make risky decisions when under prolonged stress and isolation from the ones we love.

Think carefully before doing something you might regret, and keep strong in the knowledge that things will return to normal eventually.

Are feelings involved?

If the feelings are mutual, that’s one thing. If you’re hooking up with the intention of turning your one-sided infatuation into a love connection, that’s quite another. Casual sex isn’t a precursor to something deeper. It might feel like it is, but trust me when I say that white-hot sexual chemistry does not a relationship make.

If you value the friendship you’ve built with your roomie and don’t want anyone to get hurt, stay off of one another. Even mutual feelings have a way of complicating things. Do you really want to go from dating to living together in one fell swoop?

Can you afford to move out?

If you had enough money to live solo, you probably wouldn’t have a roommate, right? By now it’s pretty clear where I stand on matters related to fucking the person with whom you’ve chosen to cohabitate with.

Yes, it’s harder than ever to hookup with random strangers right now, but that doesn’t mean you should shit where you eat. Be smart and think of the future, because despite how you might feel right now, the future is coming and it’s brighter than what you see before you now. You WILL live to fuck again.

Have you hooked up with a roommate? Share your story in the comments!

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