Give Her a Real Orgasm so She Doesn’t Have to Fake It

Who’s Sorry Now

Are you one of these guys who find it a chore to make a woman cum?

  • So complicated.
  • Gotta frig too many spots at once.
  • Am I supposed to rub the g-spot or the clit?
  • I think she fakes it anyway. Suits me.

I hear your frustration — but I say Too bad, don’t be an asshole, and pay attention to this:

Making a guy cum is easy. Bit of a wank. Bit of a dip. Bit of anything, really —and thar she blows.

Then guys go and get all frustrated because women’s orgasms aren’t as quick ’n’ easy. Then those same women begin to get all frustrated about making these men visibly frustrated. Next thing you know… she starts apologizing to him for taking too long to cum.

Quit making women feel they have to apologize for not cumming in a timely fashion! (And by “timely fashion”, I mean quickly, in order that you can get back to whatever it is you’d rather be doing.) Here’s all you need to know:

Each woman has her own way of cumming.

The solution is simple: ask her what it is, then get on it! Wouldn’t you rather ask and be a superhero than fumble around and be inundated with apologies? Seems like a no-brainer to me.

And women, listen up:

If he’s travelling “off-road” then you should direct traffic!

  • Doing so does NOT make you a cumhog!
  • We LOVE watching you take over!
  • It’s the best way to ensure you GET OFF!

If his ego can’t deal with being led, get rid of him — he’s not worth it unless he’s there for you, too. Besides, some guys don’t even care whether or not you cum. Trust me, I’ve heard them say so plenty of times. Those guys are out there.

And you DO NOT owe them — or anyone — a “cum apology”. Fake it, then unload them fast.

You watch: they’ll be sorry.

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