Signs She’s Faking Orgasm

Women fake orgasms. It’s true, and we’re good at it. Most women I know have faked it at least once in their sexual history while others fake it regularly in a relationship. I wouldn’t be in a relationship without orgasm. With good communication and a little practice there should be no need to fake it.

What surprises me is how easily a man can be fooled. Or maybe it’s just a case of wanting to believe what he’s seeing, that his sexual prowess hit the mark. Women know if they’re going to orgasm during sex and if they don’t think it’s going to happen they might fake it for two reasons. One, she doesn’t want to you to expend more energy for nothing, or two, she feels bad you couldn’t make her come and wants to give you a little satisfaction.

If you want to know, look for these signs to distinguish a fake from a true blue orgasm.

Listen for heavy breathing and increased heart rate. You’ll hear and feel this close to her face and chest. A woman can try to use her breath to fake, but when she’s about to really orgasm, this is truly out of her control.

Body Spasms
The more she moves the better. It’s hard to keep still when you’re about to come, man or woman. Often there’s a lot of jerky body movements just prior to orgasm and then a possible “freeze” moment at climax. You should feel vaginal and cervical contractions, that oh so good tightening grip around your shaft. And watch for the post-orgasm trembles of weakness, a sure sign of a job well done.

Just before orgasm the clit retracts. You’ll only see this if the lights are on and you’re up close and personal. You may be able to feel this happening in the dark, especially if you’re familiar with your lady’s bits.

Dilated Pupils
Again, another problem if you’re in the dark, but if you like to watch your partner and the lights are on, stare lovingly into her eyes to see if her pupils have grown bigger. Don’t forget to note how her eyes looked before your sexual tryst as pupils can dilate for other reasons.

Limited Conversation
A woman in the throes of passion is rarely capable of any significant conversation or dialogue. The intense feelings orgasm usually keep any extended coherency at bay.

Sweat City
Sudden perspiration is a sign her body is full of tension and needed a release. Falling together in a sweaty heap after the deed will let you know she’s more than pleased.

Watching for these signs should give you a good idea whether she’s faking it or not. If you’re feeling brave, you could come right out and ask her, but this may kill your chances of having another go around, especially if this is your first sexual encounter. No woman wants to be called out. If you react reasonably and are open to communication on the subject, it’s a chance for you both to work on technique which never hurts.

Guys: What’s your experience with women faking orgasm?

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