Foreplay Your Way to Orgasm

Whaddaya Mean It’s Not All About the Orgasm?

So many times I’ve heard such “high-minded” statements along the lines of “it’s not about the orgasm, it’s about the journey”, or “anyone who thinks sex is about the orgasm must have the mind of a teenager”.

These arguments are not only ridiculously false, they spout from the mouths of those who’ve clearly never had a good orgasm in their lives (they may think they have, but anyone who’d make a statement like “it’s not about the orgasm” wouldn’t know any better). How can I resist: they wouldn’t know a good orgasm if it hit them in the face.

It is about the orgasm. It’s all about the orgasm.

Yes, foreplay is critical, and the more of it the better. But why is that? Because the more the foreplay, the greater the orgasm. Extended foreplay is about so much more than feeling good. It’s a tease: it keeps the orgasm at bay.

Not-cumming doesn’t give anyone an afterglow. That’s the orgasm’s job.

Even extremists who practice chastity torture (there are plenty of chastity devices on the market for both men and women) and make it a mission not to cum don’t do so because an orgasm is unappealing—it’s because they’re denying themselves/prolonging the utmost of pleasures. Eventually these extremists will cum, and it will have been well worth the wait. What you won’t see are extremists who deny themselves foreplay.

Of course a thirty-second hump’n’dump is hardly the most satisfying way to have sex, and yes, such a scenario does a have an unsophisticated level of immaturity about it. But if it’s only going to last thirty seconds, who wouldn’t forfeit the foreplay to make room for the orgasm?!

No one in their right mind, that’s who.

How important is the orgasm to you?

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