Tips for a Sexy Seduction

If you watch a lot of porn, you’re probably familiar with the quick lead up. The delivery guy enters the scene and BAM! He’s got his cock inside some woman before the pizza even has a chance to get cold. It’s a technique designed to hold your interest and to get the job done. Why waste time warming up your hand when it’s been lusting all day to get a hold of your junk anyway? The problem is, watching a lot of porn can make you lazy. It can make you forget that real-life women require a lot more effort to get going.

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We want a slow seduction, something that seems to be a foreign concept to many of you guys. So how can you show your lady that you see her as more than just a sex robot?

Help Her to Relax

Try to focus a little on things that are unrelated to sex. Laugh together! Enjoy some shared interests or simply do something nice for your girlfriend. For many women, a big part of getting in the mood is feeling free of daily stress.

If she’s feeling irritable because of something that’s on her mind, it might take some talking or an offer to help in order for her to feel better. Don’t expect your hot beef injection to magically do the trick.

Make Her Feel Desired

Every woman wants to feel that even if presented with a whole room full of other ladies to fuck, you would choose her. She wants to feel so desired that you’re willing to put the effort into seducing her, even when other women might give it up more easily. Effort is sexy. It just is. When you expect us to give it up without any real effort from you, it’s an insult. It’s like telling us we’re not worth it.

Go that extra step to show your date how hot you think she is. Tell her what you find alluring about her personality. Tell her how beautiful she is. Don’t think of her as a “sure bet” even if you’re meeting with the sole intention of hooking up.

Show Her that You’re Paying Attention

Listen to what she’s telling you and refer back to it later on in the date. If this is your second or third time meeting, plan an evening based on something she’s mentioned always wanting to try, or an activity you both enjoy.

Don’t talk all about yourself or your sexual desire without showing some interest in getting to know your date first. A guy who is self-absorbed or has a one-track mind might as well hang a giant red flag from his dick.

Wait until She Asks for More

This is a natural extension of my last point. If you’re paying attention, you should be able to tell when your date is ready to take things to the next level. If you kiss her and she tenses up, or doesn’t really kiss you back, she’s probably not in the mood. If, on the other hand, you’re making out and she starts undoing your pants, she probably wants to do more.

Don’t take her hand and press it against your cock to show her how hard it is. If she wants to find out, she’ll go there herself. As my hand has been held against a crotch, I’ve never once thought, “Oh! This guy is hard! I didn’t realize! Better get on that.” Let her express the desire she feels for you because this will show her that you care about her enjoyment, too.

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