Women Want a Man with a Plan

In this current era of Netflix and Chill, it might seem that taking the time to plan out a date is old fashioned and maybe even unnecessary. A few months ago I wrote a post about the importance of planning a thoughtful first date. Now I’d like to elaborate a little more about why this is such a good idea. There are a lot of guys out there who expend the least amount of effort possible on the task of wooing their dates, so you’ll have a pretty good head start if you simply put a little thought into things. The reasons for this is simple…

Taking Initiative is Sexy
It takes a certain amount of (sexy) confidence to take the reins in the date planning department, which could be why a lot of guys don’t do it. Why bother trying if you think your efforts won’t be good enough? The fact is, your date is probably going to pick up on your feelings of inadequacy, and be a little turned off by them. Even if you think your plans are lame, make them anyway! Just the simple act of trying to do something thoughtful will have a positive effect overall.

Your Date will Feel Special
This is a no-brainer. Making your date feel special is the simplest way to convey to her that you think she’s great, which, let’s face it, will make it a heck of a lot easier for her to enjoy herself in your company. Any guy can start up a season of Game of Thrones, but with the right amount of planning, you my friend, (and this is where I say the most cheesy thing imaginable)… can start up a romance.

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You Can Show Off a Bit
While I would never recommend being arrogant on a date, subtly indicating that you are confident in your abilities is a great way to sell yourself. Arrange an evening that allows you to express the finer aspects of your personality. Are you a talented musician? Why not stage a private concert for your lady? Keep things kind of light, though, especially if it’s a first date. Don’t go too overboard with the romantic gestures… the important thing is to have fun with it!  

A Quick Word of Warning…
I must point out here that there is a fine line between planning an awesome evening out on the town and being a Controlly McTrollerson. You might have the rosiest preconceived notions of how the date is going to unfold, but you always want to be sure to leave room in your plans for changes. I’ve never been a fan of the whole Meet-me-here, wear-this-dress, no-questions-asked approach to date planning. Some women do like that, but you have to feel things out first. Always be willing to accept your date’s input and give her the chance to say yes or no. The very fact that you have come up with a thoughtful plan is what matters most.

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