Does Penis Size Really Matter?

It’s a question that men have been asking themselves for millennia: Is my cock big enough?

If psychologists were to examine the prehistoric cave paintings of Lascaux, I bet they would find the outline of a primitive penis tucked away somewhere in the corner, with that era’s version of a question mark next to it. I also bet that no matter how many times that cave artist’s girlfriend insisted that his cock was perfect, he probably didn’t believe her.

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So, you’re worried about cock size. You and every other guy out there. Let’s hope this post will help you to see once and for all understand that it really doesn’t matter what size you are!

3 Things that Matter Way More Than Penis Size

Technique and Rhythm

For many women, a big part of becoming aroused is the build up and anticipation of the thrust. If you can develop a good, consistent pattern, with a few little surprises thrown in to keep things fresh, you’ll keep her wanting more. Any cock, even if it’s huge, grows tiresome if it’s shoved in haphazardly and moved around randomly with no sense of order. That’s probably why musicians tend to get laid so much. They’ve got the beat.

Just work on your technique and you’ll have a big advantage over guys who think that all they have to do is shove it in there. (I was going to make a pun about your delivery and package, but decided to spare you the pain.)


A small, hard cock is way more satisfying than a soft large one, any day of the week. While it’s difficult to control the strength of an erection, relaxing into things can help a lot. So can spending some time alone, just learning about how your equipment works.

It’s my understanding that most guys develop a close relationship with their hand early on in the game, so they know without a doubt what makes them hard. I’ve dated guys, however, who were embarrassed about masturbation, or even just sex in general, and it put a damper on their performance. Add to that the concern of having a tiny cock, and it’s sure to be a soft-serve cone for your lady tonight. Try to set aside your hangups and grow comfortable in your role as a sexy beast!   


Did you know that Napoleon Bonaparte’s penis measured but an inch and a half in length? I have no idea how anyone managed to prove this, but apparently it’s true. What’s my point? The size of Napoleon’s junk didn’t keep him from becoming a military master, taking over Europe and fathering some kids, illegitimate and otherwise.

These were the days before artificial insemination, so we know he had the sex a bunch of times. Clearly he didn’t let worries about penis size hold him back and neither should you! (He was also a bit of an arsehole, but that’s beside the point.)

In short, I think you should own whatever sized penis you happen to have and brandish it with pride! You’re only given one dick in this life. You might as well enjoy it.

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