4 Ways to Build Sexual Confidence

Confidence is sexy. You don’t have to be the best looking, the smartest, or have a fat wallet to ooze sexual confidence. If you’re feeling a little sub par between the sheets, you are not alone. Even the most confident men and women, at work or walking down the street, can feel vulnerable and unsure during sex, especially with a new partner. Let me share some tips to help build your sexual confidence.

4 Ways to Build Sexual Confidence

1. Set Goals. These should focus on a partner’s experience and enjoyment. See it as a challenge to make your partner have a truly memorable orgasm. Share and ask about your lovers’ fantasies and desires. If there is something you long to try, find a way to make it happen.

2. Practice. With experience comes expertise… at least we hope it does. If you don’t find yourself becoming a better lover with each partner over the years, you probably aren’t trying hard enough. You should naturally be gaining new skills and experiences that will help boost your confidence.

3. Study. For those who may be shy and awkward, and who find themselves alone more than not, there are other ways to build your sexual knowledge which will help to build confidence. There’s nothing wrong with vanilla sex, but it does have a tendency to get stale. Go beyond the pale by reading steamy erotica, attending sex shows and workshops, and watching porn (but remember that most porn does not reflect real-life sex.)

4. Let go. Being open with a fun attitude goes a long way. Just like sex is not like porn, it’s also not like what you see in romantic movies. It can be rough, awkward, silly, long and drawn out, or fast and furious. It can be all these things at once! Dropping your expectations will have you enjoying your experiences much more.

With sexual confidence you will find it easier to meet women and maintain sexy relationships.

What makes you a confident lover? Please share your tips in the comments.

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